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Written by Marcello TBL

Grand Arms - Ispired by Ogre Battles

My greatest passion is, to look for new games, those semi-unknown indie videogames lost in the vast library of online Stores, or even inside tweetings here and there. My passion usually ends inside the KAEOI episodes, where i usually collect promising and intriguing indie games.

So, today I’m going to show you 10 interesting PC turn-based RPGs and Strategy Games from indie devs with a release date between 2022 and 2023. Some of them also have free demos available, while others can only be appreciated through images for now. There is also a video version of this article that you can find here. Let’s start the fiftieth episode of Keep An Eye On It.

Pile Up!

Pile Up!

Pile Up! by Remoob is a strategy game about building houses on a small island vertically. While reaching the stars and growing in population, players must be wary of keeping the perfect balance between houses factories, requirement factories, and support factories.

It takes just one tile placed wrong to get the whole town to collapse, but even if this happens, there’s a chance that players unlock new factories that helps to better improve the town next time. Pile Up! has a nice graphic style and a free demo, while the full game is expected for Q1 2023.

The Foretold: Westmark Legacy

The Foretold Westmark Legacy

Horror is another of my passion, and The Foretold: Westmark Legacy by Nodbrim Interactive seems to do a great work presenting the game inside a gothic horror world. A turn-based card battler game where players impersonate a paranormal investigator called Herbert Westmark as he explores the town of Burrmouth looking for clues about continues disappearing of citizens.

Setting and story aside, the game offers a card-based battle system with some twists and puzzles mechanics and an exploration phase where players must gather clues during events and dialogues to uncover the secrets of Burrmouth. PC game expected sometime in 2023, with a demo available on Steam.

Diluvian Winds

Diluvian Winds

Lighthouses bring a lot of charm, and it’s exactly where Diluvian Winds by Alambik Studio is set. As lighthouse keepers, players must manage a small hamlet at the foot of a lighthouse, set in an anthropomorphic world, and let it become a safe home for travelers.

Build new structures, fulfill the desire of each traveler, assign them to various tasks, create new recipes and prepare for the stormy weather and the high waves that will crash upon the hamlet. I tried the demo, and it looks like a lot of fun. No release date yet.

Moonstone Island

Moonstone Island

The next game will bring players to Moonstone Island. The survival life simulator by Studio Supersoft follows the story of an alchemist in its traditional training course. Players will explore more than 100 islands in the sky and get busy with lots of things like build and decorating the house, taming spirits, crafting items and vehicles, exploring dungeons, and more.

The combat system uses card-based mechanics, and players will be helped by the tamed spirits, which will level up and gain new skills. Moonstone Island is expected during 2023 on PC, but no release date yet.

The Kynge’s Gambit

The Kynge's Gambit

Here we here with another solid deckbuilding game. The Kynge’s Gambit by Bigboot Studios. A game presented with a lovely pixel graphic style in a 2d representation. Players must choose a class from the four available; brute weapons dealer, high armor knights, miracles casters, and defense-focused magicians. Two are the nice touch highlighted reading its Steam page.

The first one regard the posture of enemies, by that, players can understand the next enemy moves and act accordingly. The second nice feature regards the possibility for players to kill or spare an enemy by judging him at the end of the battle. The Kynge’s Gambit will arrive in early 2023, but a demo is available now.

WitchSpring R

WitchSpring R JRPG

WitchSpring R by KIWIWALKS is an RPG where players will be busy with something quite unique, taking care of a witch training. An inspired graphic and world style and lots of possibilities regarding the gameplay. Players will guide Pieberry, a novice witch who must grow her power, by collecting and fusing magical items.

Taming is also part of the game. The world is full of monsters to catch and bring inside the turn-based battles that look like classic JRPG encounters. No release date yet. On Steam and consoles.

The Many Misfortunes of Kyran Pierre Cadenza the First

Top Indie RPGs 2022

Bards often appear inside video games, as a simple NPC, or even as an RPG class. The Many Misfortunes of Kyran Pierre Cadenza the First by [SAMPLE TEXT] Studios ltd lets players guide a Bard, but a failed one, as he recalls everything that happened to him during his past adventures. Every decision will affect the story and what happens inside the detailed satirical 3d world.

The game features a grid-based tactical combat system where players must take advantage of skills, potions, and augments to survive. Only a “coming soon” as a release date. On Steam

Another Crusade

Another Crusade RPG

Another Crusade by indie dev Dragon Vein Studios is an RPG featuring real-time-puzzled explorations and old-school turn-based combat with timing mechanics. Players lead Rai Reysend, a knight followed by his companions across a colorful 3d world.

It recalls the classics from the past adding flavors of innovations. Another Crusade may be coming soon as the release date is scheduled for Q4 2022. On Steam

Forged Legions

Forged Legion

Forged Legions by MouthlessGames is a tactics strategy game that mixes RTS mechanics and turn-based battles. Its presentation looks a little raw or rude as you would prefer but intriguing. Players will guide new-formed medieval legion and take care of building a base, managing resources, and taking their soldiers into Battle Brothers-like turn-based battles.

No fantasy, no magic or spells but only medieval gore weapons and permadeath. Expected on 23rd December 2022 on Steam and you can even try the demo right now.

Grand Arms: March of the Red Dragon

Grand Arms - Ispired by Ogre Battles

Grand Arms: March Of The Red Dragon by Child 39 Studios is a strategy RPG inspired by Ogre Battles, at least for everything regarding the strategic world map. Units will move in real-time, and players must decide on objectives to attack and vital strategic points to defend.

Battle happens on a square grid-based battlefield, as players’ commanders and their units will fight automatically in turn-based battles. 60+ individual soldiers and 40 classes to choose from and merge into various squads, levels ups, perks, skills, and more. Expected on 2023 on Steam

Now it’s time to let me know what you think about these 10 Indie Turn-Based RPGs and Strategy Games by reaching my Twitter or Youtube Channel. Wish you the best. Ciao


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