Darkest Dungeon II: New ‘Kingdoms’ Game Mode Announced for 2024

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Red Hook Studios has revealed a new game mode titled Kingdoms for Darkest Dungeon II, set to launch as a free update in late 2024. This announcement came during the Triple-i Initiative, a new showcase for indie games, where a teaser trailer was also debuted.

Game Mode Features:

  • Objective: Players must race against time to halt a monstrous threat from destroying a network of safe haven Inns across the Kingdom. This involves journeying across lands, gathering resources, and combating evil forces.
  • Gameplay Mechanics: Resources collected can be used to enhance heroes and upgrade the Inns through detailed upgrade trees. The mode features new questlines and introduces three new monster factions: The Coven, Beastmen, and Crimson Courtiers.
  • Independence and Integration: ‘Kingdoms’ operates independently from the game’s original ‘Confessions’ mode, allowing new and returning players to engage with this content separately.
Kingdom Update

Developer’s Insight:

Chris Bourassa, Co-founder and Creative Director at Red Hook Studios, emphasized the unique elements of ‘Kingdoms’, combining aspects of the original game with new mechanics introduced in Darkest Dungeon II. Bourassa highlighted the free nature of the update, which aligns with the studio’s ethos of delivering fresh and impactful experiences without retracing previous steps.

Additional Game Details:

  • Current Game Structure: Darkest Dungeon II offers five ‘Confessions’ campaigns, each with unique bosses and mechanics. It features 12 playable heroes, with additional heroes available through ‘The Binding Blade’ DLC.
  • Enhancements and Offers: The game includes a metagame progression hub named ‘The Altar of Hope’, over 70 achievements, and companion pets that influence gameplay. New thematic difficulty modifiers, Radiant and Infernal Flame items, are also available for tailored gameplay challenges.
  • Availability: The update will be accessible on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. In celebration of the Triple-i Initiative, Darkest Dungeon II is currently offered at a 33% discount with additional savings on the DLC.
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About Darkest Dungeon II:

Following its 2021 debut in Early Access on the Epic Games Store, Darkest Dungeon II expands on its predecessor with new 3D visuals and a road-trip narrative structure. This sequel enhances the innovative turn-based combat system and includes a broad range of heroes and extensive metagame features. The first DLC, ‘The Binding Blade,’ launched in December 2023.

This update promises to enrich the Darkest Dungeon II experience significantly, adding depth and variety to its already robust gameplay and narrative framework. Below is the Kingdoms trailer Announcement


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