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Home Of The Yokai RPG Overview

Home of the Yokai, developed by indie RAYKA STUDIO, is an Easter fantasy adventure RPG developed to immerse players in a creature-collecting experience within a semi-open world known as the Land of the Ancients. In this game, players aspire to become Yokai Keepers, a revered profession that emerged from the historic alliance between humans and mystical creatures known as Yokai, facilitated by the Divine Jade Tree.

Home Of The Yokai RPG

As a Yokai Keeper, the player traverses diverse environments—from snow-covered plains to serene river towns—uncovering over 300 unique Yokai to collect, and battling the corruption that threatens this peaceful coexistence.

The game is characterized by its auto-battle combat system which allows players to strategically set up their team of Yokai, each with distinct traits and potential evolutions, to fight automatically against foes. This system not only makes combat accessible but also emphasizes strategic planning based on the unique characteristics of Yokai. Players can further explore this dynamic by using charms—items that can heal, enhance, or debuff characters—that add depth and complexity to battles and interactions within the world.

Home Of The Yokai RPG Gameplay

Outside of combat, the game expands into a village-building sim where Yokai help in tasks like gardening and crafting, enhancing the immersive RPG experience. Additionally, the narrative of cleansing the land from an evil force and purifying the divine tree weaves a compelling storyline that drives the player’s journey across the beautifully rendered landscapes, underscored by a soothing, thematic soundtrack.

This integration of story, strategic gameplay, and aesthetic design makes Home of the Yokai a unique entry into the genre, offering players both the charm of Eastern mythologies and the engaging mechanics of Western RPGs.

Home of the Yokai is still in development with no release date yet. Below an overview of the game via Steam and Trailer.


Home of the Yokai is a creature collecting, Easter fantasy, adventure RPG featuring an expansive semi-open world and auto-battle combat system.

Over 300 unique Yokai inhabit the Land of the Ancients. Through the combined efforts of humans and the Divine Jade Tree they worship, humanity and these creatures became close companions. It is also during this time where the profession of Yokai Keeper emerged.

On your journey across the Land to become a Yokai Keeper you will traverse through uncharted lands, encounter many never-before seen Yokai, oversee and expand your village, and form new friendships. Yet, a looming evil is spreading, and many Yokai are succumbing to its corruption. The peaceful lives at home of the Yokai are in jeopardy, are you ready for what is to come?

From lush forests to boundless wheatfields, snow-coated plains to serene rivertowns, eerie valleys to grand kingdoms, the unique aesthetic and soothing music in Home of the Yokai will undoubtedly leave you an unforgettable experience!

Tour the Land of the Ancients and challenge the many schools of Yokai Keepers, seek out new companions, take on powerful demons, and fill out the Yokai Scroll to record your companions and adventures!

Collect over 300 different types of Yokai to mix and match and aid your team strategically in battles. Each Yokai has their own unique characteristics and traits, while their evolutions contain full of surprises, so come and search for your perfect partners!

Yokai are not only great partners in your adventures, they could also help the your village grow bigger and livelier! You can assign them to various tasks from gardening, mining, cooking, crafting, and such. Join your companions in building a cozy place to call home!

Dozens of unique charms will aid you in your adventures, from ones which heal and enhance your Yokai, to some that damage and debuff opponents, as well as ones essential for sealing and capturing. Casting charms outside of battle might bring you unexpected surprises too!

A mysterious force is corrupting the Yokai, turning them savage and feral. Bring together the varying schools of Yokai Keepers alongside your Yokai companions to cleanse these demons, purify the divine tree, and save the Land from the force of evil!

Thirteen unique schools of Yokai Keepers, nine recruitable village companions, five powerful demon lords, and many more secrets of this world await you at your journey’s end!


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