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Fabled Lands First Major Update Available

Written by Marcello TBL

Fabled Lands RPG

Fabled Lands – Lords of the Rising Sun – the game’s first major content update, featuring the exotic empire of Akatsurai, is out now! To celebrate its release, the game is available on Steam at a 50% discount for the duration of this special sale.

Fabled Lands

Fabled Lands has received a Very Positive score of 8.2/10 from 300 reviews, with players around the world praising its old-school RPG feel and immersive gameplay. The new update includes a new area on the world map, adding to the game’s already-existing meta. The meticulous world-building by British authors Dave Morris and Jamie Thomson has been praised by fans, while the vibrant representation of the game’s world is thanks to the art of Bernar Aganchyan.

The update was playtested by the community during the beta phase, and their input has helped shape the experience for others. Check out the full changelog.

Below an overview of the DLC via Steam

The Lords of the Rising Sun DLC adds a new continent as well as variety of changes – new quests to find, new lands to explore, new layers of lore and world building to unravel! Defeat challenging enemies in exotic places and obtain new legendary loot that awaits you in places long forgotten by the living…

The Lords of the Rising Sun hold absolute power over the exotic kingdom of Akatsurai. But proud warrior clans constantly seek to overthrow them. In the turmoil of war there are countless opportunities for a quick-witted adventurer. Will you spy for the Shogun? Will you pledge your life to the Sovereign as one of his chivalrous knights? Or just play one side against the other in your pursuit of riches and power?

Track down the elusive, raven-winged Tengu to learn the secret arts of sorcery and swordplay. Defeat the vampires, skilled in martial arts, who guard the Lost Tomb of the Necromancer. Enter the dreadful cloisters of the Noboro Monastery, where you will fight the most dangerous opponent of all – yourself…


  • New Quests
    More than 44000 words added to the base game with lots of new choices, quests, and hidden paths to discover.
  • New Lands
    Visit new lands to the far east with independent city-states that have their own myths and lore.
  • New Opponents
    Face new foes, both human and mythological, with new abilities. Hunt down and get hunted by forest beasts.
  • New Gear
    New loot and powerful artefacts like nothing the lands of Harkuna have seen.
  • New Mechanics
    There will be some new mechanics such as Bleed with unique new weapons such as the throwable Shuriken, and a new passive skill embracing it. In Akatsurai you can get special deals on cargo trades if you make the right friends. You can try and impress swordsmiths in order to gain access to local gear.
  • New Objectives
    For the patient explorers there will be new goals and objectives to hunt!


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