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For The King II New “Resistance” Trailer

Written by Marcello TBL

For The King II

IronOak Games just published a new trailer for the second installment of their tabletop-inspired turn-based RPG For The King II. The trailer shows some combat sequences and new features like vehicles, mercenaries to hire and pets.

Venture forth into the land of Fahrul once again, where peril and despair loom over the kingdom, and the people are in desperate need of brave adventurers. In this epic sequel, For The King II, you’ll experience a cinematic journey like never before, as you discover new ways to traverse the breathtakingly beautiful world, forge new alliances to strengthen your party, and face off against new enemies to conquer and emerge victorious.

Inspired by the thrilling world of tabletop adventures, For The King II allows you to gather your friends and embark on an epic journey filled with battles, loot, and perilous challenges. Are you ready to join the resistance and fight for the people of Fahrul?

For The King II is set to be released sometime in 2023 on PC via Steam


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