Forgotten but Unbroken – Tactical Strategy Game Gets New Trailer

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Forgotten but Unbroken Key Art

Centurion Developments‘ upcoming strategy title Forgotten but Unbroken just got a new trailer showcasing more aspects of the game. It will release for PC on Summer 2024. Forgotten but Unbroken is inspired by XCOM but offers its own unique mechanics to the tactical strategy genre. Lead the resistance against the Axis forces, liberate Europe, and meet historical WW2 heroes in this immersive turn-based tactics title.

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about forgotten but unbroken

Forgotten but Unbroken is a tactical turn-based strategy game that honors the unsung heroes of World War II. Live the untold tales of forgotten warriors, whose actions, though lost in history, will live on forever.

Manage your base, strategically position units, and lead a resistance of international heroes against the Axis forces. Immerse yourself in a unique narrative, where every decision shapes the course of war.


  • Lead your own resistance group
    Build a powerful team of specialists from 6 classes: Sapper, Commando, Medic, Soldier, ​Heavy Gunner or Sniper.
  • Impress your allies
    Make a good impression through your strategies and actions and your allies will help you by sending money, supplies & resources – They may even send you some of their elite units to fight alongside your heroes.
  • Encounter Famous WWII Fighters
    Face famous combatants from both sides. Jack “Mad Jack” Churchill, Vasily Zaitsev, Tommy “The killted killer” MacPherson, Audie Murphy and others. There are elite fighters on the enemy side too: The most dangerous man in Europe Otto Skorzeny, or lethal sniper Josef Allerberger.
  • Play through an unbelievable but true story
    Be part of Commander Martin’s wonderful story of resistance, inspired by real events, and told by an old WWII survivor who shared a room with the game’s head of development in a Slovak hospital.
  • An immersive experience
    Each character is voiced in their native language, with nine spoken languages available in the game.
  • Build & Manage your base of operations
    Build, upgrade and manage your base. Collect the spoils of war and gather resources to increase your chance of success in the next encounter.



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