TESTAMENT – An Upcoming Oldschool Style Tactical RPG

Written by VeryWetLeaf

TESTAMENT, key art

Despite the ever growing library of high fidelity video games, we can’t exclude the charm and timelessness of pixel graphics. Contrary to being coined as retro visuals, pixel graphics are still continuously being improved to this day. And who best to set a precedent than innovative indie developers. Developed by Combat Dices Team, TESTAMENT is an old school stylized tactical RPG.

The game is planned to be released this 2024 on PC via Steam. Follow and wishlist the game on Steam and itch.io to follow its development.


TESTAMENT is a tactical role-playing game about the ruthless confrontation between heroes and terrifying monsters. Taking place in a dark fantasy cyber world, where ancient cultures’ wisdom and futuristic technological power combine. Manage a party of warriors from bygone times. Use reliable armor and advanced weapons. Choose and develop unique skills to strengthen your heroes. And start a campaign in one of the distinctive locations, where mutated offspring of the disgusting Aspid, cyber-jianshi, mummy-troopers, and other dangerous enemies.


  • Old-school pixel graphics in the style of ancient legendary consoles and dark synthwave music. Back to a few bits!
  • Tactical turn-based fights with unique mechanics. Every move can be decisive!
  • Building of a set of active combat movements and passive skills. Victory loves preparation!
  • Gathering of amazing resources and crafting of powerful equipment. Can’t level up the hero? Let them grow in breadth through equipment!
  • Dialog-based quests that reveal the game world and character personalities. Talking is not waving fists!
  • Ancient puzzles based on popular mini-games. Only the power of your mind can solve each one!
  • Unique heroes from 4 different culture! Ancient Slavs, Ancient China, Greece, and Egypt.
  • A variety of enemies with varying behaviors and skill sets.
  • Over a dozen game locations created in the style of ancient cultures.
  • Original pixel-art assets and soundtracks to enhance the game’s atmosphere.



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