From Into The Pit Dev Comes Turn-Based Tower Defense Void Warden

Written by Marcello TBL

Void Warden

Void Warden is an innovative game that blends turn-based combat and tower defense elements developed by Nullpointer Games, dev behind Into the Pit. Their new game focuses on small scale combat and party building.

Players assemble a group of guardians, the last survivors from a doomed world, customizing characters and coordinating attacks to protect their outposts from apocalyptic threats. The stakes are high as the shadows inch closer to the last city with every lost battle.

Void Warden Screen

Void Warden features a unique blend of tower defense and turn-based combat, offering a distinct gameplay experience. Players can customize the skills, equipment, and appearance of each unit. As they progress through the campaign, they can upgrade facilities, unlock new regions and bosses, and arrange skills and party setups to meet varying challenges.

Further depth is added through the game’s narrative. Players can interact with non-playable characters (NPCs) to uncover more about the world, its downfall, and the secret of the void.

In addition, Void Warden introduces the concept of defensive traps on the strategic map. Players can weaken their enemies using these traps, then directly engage in combat at specific locations. The game encourages experimentation with different traps, items, skills, and character setups to discover the most effective combat strategies.

Void Warden stands as an indie tribute to the tactics genre, unfolding in an atmospheric, graphic novel-styled sci-fi world. Set to be released on PC via Steam but no release date yet. Below an overview of the game and Trailer.


Void Warden is a mix of Turn-Based Combat and Tower Defence with a focus on small scale combat and party building. Assemble a roster of guardians from the last survivors of a doomed world. Customise your characters and co-ordinate your attacks in order to defend crumbling outposts from apocalyptic horrors. With each battle lost, the shadows creep closer to the last city.


  • Unique Gameplay: An original mix of Tower Defence and Turn-Based Combat
  • Character Customisation: Change the skills, equipment and looks of each unit
  • Campaign Progression: Upgrade facilities, unlock new regions and bosses
  • Meaningful Build Variety: Organise skills and party setups to meet different challenges
  • Uncover the secret of the void: Talk to NPCs to reveal more about the world and its downfall

Void Warden combines turn-based battle encounters with a unique tower defence mechanic. Build defensive traps on the strategy map to weaken enemies, then dropship into locations to fight them with your team. Experiment with a wide array of traps, items, skills and character setups to find the most powerful battle combos.

Void Warden is an indie love-letter to the tactics genre, set in an atmospheric graphic novel styled sci-fi world. A sci-fi dungeon crawler that you can play in short bursts. Inching your way to success (or failure) with every battle.


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