Get to the Gate: Dungeon Crawler RPG Demo Available

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Get to the Gate, a dungeon crawling RPG made by solo developer Maximan, now has a Demo Version available for PC. The game is planned to be released on February 15th, 2024. Play as Maria, a timid anime girl who has been transported in a western fantasy world filled with monsters and the undead. To get home, she needs to go back through the Gate to the World of the Living, but dungeons filled with the undead are in her way. Will you be able to help Maria get out of this world using your wits and the game’s turn-based combat?

Get to the Gate is available as a demo on Steam.

about get to the gate

Get to the Gate is an RPG about a girl that needs to reach the Gate to the World of the Living, While being extremely scared of monsters. When her fear builds up, she loses her mana and runs to safety. Find a shortcut to bypass the enemies and explore the dungeon from a new location.


  • Challenge your fears as an anime coward, that ended up in a western fantasy world. Maria loses mana when she is scared. In this unfamiliar environment, the monsters are too realistic.
  • Get to the treasure or open a shortcut while you still have mana. When mana runs out, Maria will panic and run to safety, and the undead will respawn.
  • Which move will save more mana and health in combat? The game is turn-based, so you have time to think. But the enemies are not stupid, they will pull up Maria and quicky surround her.
  • Maria can cast spells. Her main tool is magic stones. When inserted into a magical wand or sword, the stones let you use new spells.
  • In the world of the dead, there is a city with peaceful spirits who will trade with you and help you improve your weapons.



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