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Ways to get good equipment in World of Warcraft

Written by smoothie

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft has a huge number of mechanics and is possible for every gaming taste. Each new player who comes to the world of Azeroth does something of his own, someone farms thousands of monsters, someone looks for opponents for PVP, someone fishes, and someone destroys serious bosses.

All players are united by one thing – the need to have good equipment for a comfortable game, and WoW gives a wide range of options for obtaining it. Let’s talk about them.

Mage Tower

Forgotten content from older updates that was brought back to Shadowlands and reworked in Dragonflight.

Players must complete trials, where each class can complete a maximum of three, except is a druid, who can complete four trials at once.

For completing one test, you are guaranteed to receive level 720 equipment for your class and previous updates.

For completing seven challenges, you can get a unique flying grimoire, but you will need at least two characters on your account.

You can buy mage tower boost to ensure that you pass all the necessary tests and enhanced equipment with the help of professional players.


Creating items of equipment and weapons is one of the most sought-after professions.

Having chosen the profession of a blacksmith, tailor, or leatherworker, you will be able to equip your character with the best equipment depending on the developed skills, but fortunately, with the Dragonflight update, everything related to professions has become easier and more understandable for beginners.

It all starts with mastering an auxiliary profession, which will help you acquire all the necessary materials for crafting equipment for yourself, and later for sale on the marketplace.

  • For a blacksmith, this is mining,
  • For a tailor – farming animals for the sake of threads and fabrics, this profession does not require an auxiliary one.
  • For the tanner – skinning.

As for the main professions, now, starting with the Dragonflight update, there are not only more opportunities for the rapid development of skills, but also unique branches that will make your items stand out from other players.

The developers have added a craft table to the World of Warcraft. This is a unique interface that allows players with inscription and materials to find artisans who can create the necessary items for them to earn money and level up skills.

You can gradually upgrade your skills by completing simple tasks and getting gold for your services. Of course, expensive orders will not be available to you at first, due to inexperience as a professional, but in the future, with leveling up, more and more valuable orders will be visible to you. The higher the skill level of the crafter, the more valuable item he will be able to create.

When you take an order to work, carefully look at the terms of execution since the customer can establish that crafting is carried out at the expense of the materials of the blacksmith, that is, you. It’s one thing if you agree to this in advance and another if it’s a clear deception in an attempt to catch an inexperienced player.

When you reach level 25 of the profession, you can choose and develop your specialization to enhance all items created with this specialization.

For example, an armor master can create items with a larger set of bonuses and quality levels than a simple artisan and remake armor to the desired class. Naturally, the character and profession must match your game class and wearable equipment.


A raid is a large-scale event and a raid on the lair of strong bosses in order to get good equipment and weapons from them.

Raids are divided by difficulty level and the final reward will depend on the load.

The best gear comes from mythic and mythic+ raids.

The main difference between such dungeons is that much more people are required for a comfortable passage, or compensation for quantity with quality. A group armed to the teeth with legendary or mythic equipment can handle even fewer.

Mythic + raid is a special dungeon with unlimited attempts and passages, but you will need a special key to enter.

+ the raid has stages of passage, and with each new level the complexity and strength of the armor and weapons that are given as a reward increase.

The advantage of such a raid is that you can return to a lower level in case of failure, farm good armor and weapons, and are guaranteed to advance further if you failed to defeat the boss the first time.


World of Warcraft is an MMO RPG that equally separates PVP and PVE content. WoW has a famous confrontation between the factions of the Horde and the Alliance, and you can easily find opponents to fight.

This means that instead of farming, you can go to fight other players. The project rewards such efforts if you defeat opponents of equal level with you. In this case, you will receive PVP coins that can be exchanged for special equipment and weapons of good strength with enhanced parameters for fighting other players.

But do not try to kill enemies much lower level than you. The game system does not encourage this, is not rewarded with battle coins, and is condemned in the gaming community.