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Novus Orbis: Deckbuilder Roguelite Demo Available Now

Written by VeryWetLeaf

Novus Orbis Key Art

Novus Orbis now has a Demo Version available for PC. Developed by Seizo Games, Novus Orbis is a turn-based deckbuilding roguelite inspired by Slay the Spire that adds the exciting mechanics of a Combo System and a Countdown System, which adds more weight and urgency to the player’s actions. Synergize your deck and play cards in the right order to achieve more powerful results, but do it fast because the enemy gets closer to you and can attack during your turn.

Novus Orbis has a demo available for download on Steam and

about Novus Orbis

A deckbuilder roguelite: collect cards, be blessed by the gods, find pets to help you, get stronger! Chain your cards to achieve more powerful effects, act before the enemy does. Do you like big numbers? We got them as well!

The player can explore a variety of different areas each with their own unique themes. Go through the different pieces of this broken world against an out-of-reach entity. The player’s goal is to explore, improve, and get stronger and more knowledgeable to bring back order to their land.


  • Deck Building: More than 100 cards per class. Cards come in six types: Attack, Skill, Equipment, Item, Special, Affliction.
  • Combo System: Every card has a cost and a combo value: play your cards in the right order to achieve their full potential, or break the combo to get a more favorable outcome.
  • Countdown System: Every time you play a card and when you end your turn enemies will get closer to attacking you. They can and will attack during your turn!
  • Blessings: Powerful upgrades to your character. Get them from bosses, special rooms, shop and secret interactions!
  • Pets: Find multiple companions per run, who will attack, support, heal and more every turn.



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