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Spread Out!: Turn-based Wargame Available Now

Written by VeryWetLeaf

Spread Out Key Art

An interesting fusion of Wargames, Chess, and Go, Spread Out! Hold Naar’ Havok is now out for PC. Developed by Paul Lahmy and his team, Spread Out! offers a fun board game experience that is surprisingly deep but also easy to get into. With simple rules but complex applications, both casual and competitive players can find enjoyment in this game.

Spread Out! Hold Naar’ Havok is available now on Steam.

About Spread Out! Hold Naar’ Havok

Spread Out: Hold Naar’ Havok offers an original and multiplayer synthesis between Wargames, Chess, and the game of Go. Control more territories than your opponents, confront their units, and recruit reinforcements. Win the battle by controlling 5 of the 9 territories, or by surrounding the enemy king. You won’t roll dice, only your strategy will make a difference.

Spread Out! Hold Naar’ Havok: The Story

In Spread Out! Every four years, the esteemed kingdom of Tin Tallas and the mighty kingdom of Asgaärd clash for the resources of the magic lands of Elendis. This region is full of mana, desperately needed by the magicians and sorcerers of the two rival kingdoms. To let them have access to this valued resource, the guardians of Elendis let them settle their differences through ritualized warfare. The winner is the one who manages to control five of the nine areas of the Sacred Battleground. Both kings join the battle, mounted on a griffin or a dragon, and are escorted by their personal guards.


  • Earn reinforcement points by holding territories.
  • Command four types of units, with specific abilities: knights/boar-riders, magicians/sorcerers, griffins/dragons, the Elf-king/the Ork-king.
  • Four phases of each turn: The deployment phase, Movement phase, Combat phase, and Reinforcement phase



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