Hellcard Steam Launch Arrives on February 16th

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Skystone Games and Thing Trunk are thrilled to announce that HELLCARD, a new game that continues the story of the hugely popular Book of Demons, is headed to Steam on February 16, 2023. Players are invited to add HELLCARD to their wishlist ahead of launch. To celebrate today’s momentous news, a new trailer showcases gameplay elements that combine adventure, RPG, and strategy genres to create a unique co-op deck-builder roguelike experience.

For those who want a sneak peek to see what all the excitement is about, developers have some amazing news: the HELLCARD Prologue is available TODAY! Playing through the Prologue will give everyone a taste of what HELLCARD brings to the table, including both single- and multiplayer game modes.

HELLCARD takes place in the paper dungeons first introduced in Book of Demons, and its mechanics revolve around deck-building and fast-paced technical battles. But don’t think this “just another deck-builder.” HELLCARD brings various unique features that require players to consider their moves carefully. For instance, monster placement actually matters and is integral to gaining an advantage in battle.

For those who prefer multiplayer fun, HELLCARD offers co-op battles with up to three heroes facing Archdemon’s hordes. Multiplayer companions can be friends or random strangers selected when online. 

When the gang isn’t available, players can tackle the action in single-player mode, descend into the dungeons solo, or recruit AI-controlled companions to lighten the load. 

There’s so much to learn about HELLCARD. Fans can check out the Steam page to learn more. Social media links provided below are also an avenue for information. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun as the game nears its Steam release.


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