Hidden Pass – Upcoming Tactical RPG Will Open Kickstarter Soon

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4X meets tactical turn-based RPGs in this upcoming PC title by GG Studio, Hidden Pass. It will open its Kickstarter page on March 5th, 2024. The game is unique in that while it plays a lot like a 4X Strategy game, you only have 4 active Heroes to control, with non-hero automatons you can produce to help you out. The combat map also consists of three layers that units can freely move around in through the use of different mechanics such as climbing and flying.

Wishlist Hidden Pass on Steam and the Epic Games Store. You may also support the game’s development when their Kickstarter opens.

about Hidden pass

Hidden Pass is a single-player turn-based RPG. You are a Wanderer, who is trying to solve the mystery of Elyrium Belt. Carefully choose your steps during tactical combat to reach success. Use the strengths of flying units to improve your position on the battlefield.

Elyrium is a highly valuable and at the same time hazardous mineral that allows you to conquer gravity and sorcery. This mineral is concentrated in the Elyrium Belt and only the Wanderers can resist the perilous influence of The Belt. In Hidden Pass, you lead the expedition in the depths of the Elyrium Belt and your goal is to reach the centre of it. You can’t do that without much-needed preparations.

Your home is the Wanderer’s Tower. Improve your Tower, fight through the hordes of vicious monsters and defeat opposing factions to reach your goal.


    The combat sprawls in 3 separate interactable layers. Every layer contains objects on which characters can move. Heroes can fly between these layers to gain tactical benefits.
    Each used ability brings you closer to death, because Elyrium is driving you mad. Your abilities deal more damage the higher your Elyrium Madness is.
    A player has only 4 active characters during combat, so it is necessary to choose your party carefully. If you have casualties, you can drop off units from reserve right to the battle.
    They are Craftable Combat Units. Automatons help heroes in combat. They work on Elyrium fueled hearts and can be produced on your Base in the Factory.
    A flying base where you produce, upgrade and study. It can fly from one cluster to another and this changes the resource flow.
    Economy-based RPG System. Economy is based on Elyrium and it’s extraction. Each eolite has different resources (Elyrium, Wood and Metal).
    You learn new expertises when leveling up. They give you an opportunity to learn new abilities.



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