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HUMANKIND Console Edition: A New Chapter in Gaming History

Written by Marcello TBL

Humankind Console

The highly-anticipated HUMANKIND Console Edition has officially launched, marking a significant milestone in turn-based historical strategy games.

Originally introduced on PC, HUMANKIND has expanded its horizons, making a stellar appearance on platforms like Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the eagerly awaited PlayStation 5. This console edition isn’t merely a replication of the base game. It enriches the gaming experience by incorporating the first two DLCs – Cultures of Africa and Cultures of Latin America. This enhancement allows gamers to experiment with a staggering 72 cultures, navigating their civilization’s journey from the Neolithic age to the Modern Era.

Humankind Gameplay

The successful transition of HUMANKIND to consoles can be attributed to the unwavering dedication of Aspyr. Their collaboration with the original developers has been nothing short of harmonious, ensuring the console port retains the essence of the original vision.

There’s more in store for those intrigued by the nuances of game development. An exclusive documentary delves into the complexities of adapting a 4x game for consoles. This behind-the-scenes look offers insights into the collaboration with Aspyr Studio, shedding light on both the challenges faced and the solutions devised.

For those ready to traverse the annals of history, HUMANKIND Console Edition poses a timeless question: How far will one push the boundaries of civilization? Whether one opts for a subscription via Xbox Game Pass or prefers a permanent spot in their gaming collection from the Xbox or PlayStation store, the options are plentiful. Additionally, aficionados of physical copies can anticipate the Heritage Edition’s release for PS5 on October 10th.


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