Everything Turn-Based – Weekly RPG News And Releases 20 April 2024

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Weekly RPG News and Releases April 20 2024

Let’s see what happened this week in terms of releases, announcements and news

The Weekly RPG Recap is the article I enjoy preparing the most because it allows me, who recently has been too caught up with work, to stay updated with all the new stuff from the world of turn-based RPGs and Strategy Games. As always, I gather news, announcements, and especially new releases to bring to your attention, and this week I’ve got several cool things to share. Let’s dive right in.

Superheroes meet XCOM Next Month

I just had to kick off this week’s RPG news with the announcement of the release date for one of the most exciting and promising tactical games of 2024. The new strategy game Capes will launch on Steam on May 29. It combines elements of superhero themes with strategic, turn-based gameplay inspired by XCOM and Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Set 20 years after villains have taken control, the game revolves around recruiting and building a team of superheroes to challenge The Company, the tyrannical rulers of King City.

Capes RPG

Players will navigate a grid-based battlefield, leveraging the intersecting abilities of their superhero team to create powerful combinations and unique tactical opportunities. Each mission allows for up to four heroes, each capable of combining powers to form special abilities critical for overcoming challenges and bosses.

As the release approaches, interested players can wishlist “Capes” on Steam or explore the game’s dynamics through a free demo available now.

Luffy is heading to the Nintendo Switch

One Piece Odyssey, the turn-based RPG based on the popular manga series One Piece, is set to release on Nintendo Switch on July 26, 2024. Initially launched on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC in January 2023, the Switch version will include a new post-game scenario titled Reunion of Memories, extra costumes, and brand-new outfits exclusive to this release.

One Piece RPG

The game features an original story and new character and monster designs by Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece. Players find themselves with Luffy and his crew stranded on the mysterious island of Waford after a storm. Separated from his crew and stripped of his powers, Luffy needs to rescue his teammates and regain his abilities to escape the island. The game allows players to control all the Straw Hat Pirates, each offering unique skills for combat and exploration.

One Piece Odyssey introduces a novel combat system known as ‘Scramble Area Battles,’ which divides battles into sections, allowing strategic placement of characters to exploit enemy weaknesses and shield their own vulnerabilities. This new approach aims to refresh the traditional turn-based combat mechanics.

Tactical RPG Wartales launched a new DLC

The medieval open-world tactical RPG Wartales launched its new DLC, The Tavern Opens!, which introduces a co-op mode and various gameplay enhancements. This expansion comes as the game has already sold almost a million units and received over 20,000 positive reviews on Steam. The DLC and the base game updates are available now.

Wartales Strategy RPG

In the base game, players can now enjoy the new Brewer profession and the ability to place companions in reserve without cost. The Tavern Opens! DLC allows players to run a tavern, which serves as a hub for mercenaries, travelers, and other characters. Players can recruit staff, master culinary and brewing arts, and attract patrons from 15 different factions, each with specific preferences that influence the tavern’s setup and offerings.

The game now involves strategic elements such as corporate espionage, where players can send crew members to rival taverns to undermine their operations by stealing gold or recipes. The ultimate goal is to make your tavern the most prestigious, thereby securing a lucrative source of funding for your adventures.

The tactical 2d Game Steamworld Heist Announced the second chapter

SteamWorld Heist II was officially announced at the Nintendo Indie World Showcase and is scheduled to release on August 8, 2024, for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC. This sequel to the popular tactical RPG Steamworld Heist introduces a new pirate-themed setting in the tropical Carribea, led by Captain Leeway. Unlike its predecessor, which featured space-themed settings reminiscent of Firefly, this game draws more from steampunk and pirate aesthetics similar to Pirates of the Caribbean.

Steamworld Heist II

The game retains the original’s turn-based ricochet strategy. Still, it expands its gameplay mechanics by including an interactive world map for exploration and ship-to-ship combat, emphasizing greater player freedom in navigation. Additionally, SteamWorld Heist II enhances character customization with a new job system that allows for mixing and matching abilities and weapons to create diverse combat strategies.

Baldur’s Gate 3 New Patch Wil be Massive

Baldur’s Gate 3’s upcoming Patch 7 is set to enhance the game significantly by expanding upon the previously underdeveloped evil endings, particularly for the Dark Urge origin. Larian Studios has indicated that this major update will include new cutscenes to provide a more satisfying villainous conclusion and will also integrate new music composed specifically for these endings.

In addition to the narrative enhancements, Patch 7 aims to improve gameplay through various bug fixes such as addressing issues with Wyll’s romantic interactions, missing narrator lines in Dark Urge scenes, and Jaheira’s combat engagement problems. The update will also introduce official modding tools, enhancing player customization and engagement.

Top Upcoming RPGs

While crossplay and photo mode features are confirmed, they will not be included in Patch 7 but are planned for future updates. Larian has also teased that it is working on two new projects based on its own intellectual properties, signaling a shift away from the Baldur’s Gate series as it explores new creative territories. The patch is not immediately forthcoming but is expected to be released in the near future following further player testing and final tweaks.

First Ever 5X Strategy Game Launched on PC

Paradox Interactive, in collaboration with Whatboy Games, has launched Nexus 5X, a new fast-paced sci-fi strategy game on PC via Steam. As the first-ever 5X game – Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate, EXPRESS – Nexus 5X compresses the deep strategy, diplomatic intrigue, and military conflicts typical of the 4X genre into one-hour sessions suitable for multiplayer gameplay, accommodating up to eight players.

This innovative game, initially released as Stellaris Nexus in Steam Early Access and garnering very positive reviews, officially debuts today under its new name. Nexus 5X features eleven unique factions, each with distinctive strengths and playstyles. Players vie to conquer the throne-world of Nexus and claim the title of Galactic Emperor, all within about 60 minutes per session.

Nexus 5x

The game’s core appeal lies in its combination of strategic depth with quick play times, making it ideal for multiple game nights. Players can start from their home world and expand across the galaxy, utilizing diplomacy and military might in turn-based multiplayer matches. The game also introduces a political dimension where players influence galactic council votes to gain advantages.

Nexus 5X is priced at $14.99 and is available on Steam, offering a fresh and dynamic entry into the strategy game market with its unique focus on social strategy and rapid gameplay.

New content for the sci-fi Strategy Game Galactic Civilizations IV

Stardock has launched a significant expansion for Galactic Civilizations IV, titled Warlords, which introduces a plethora of new gameplay features designed to enhance space combat, strategy, and customization. This expansion includes War Aims, Combat Doctrines, Invasion Tactics, new ship components, and new technologies, alongside a new Battle Viewer that provides a detailed log of ship performances in combat.

Alongside Warlords, Stardock released a major free update, version 2.5, for Galactic Civilizations IV, which brings additional features, user experience improvements, AI enhancements, and an improved trade system.

Acclaimed Deckbuilding is heading on PlayStation

Deckbuilding RPG Gordian Quest, developed by Maximum Entertainment and Mixed Realms, is set to release on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on April 30, 2024. Promising a unique blend of roguelite elements, turn-based strategy, and extensive replayability, the game will plunge players into the dark, monster-ridden world of Wrendia—a land desperately in need of heroes to save it from oblivion.

Gordian Quest

Players can explore this sinister world through various modes including the expansive Campaign Mode, the unpredictable Realm Mode, and the procedurally generated landscapes of Adventure Mode.

Gordian Quest offers players a rich experience with ten diverse heroes ranging from Swordhands to Golemancers, each offering a unique play style. The game boasts nearly 800 passive and active skills allowing for deep customization options to tailor strategic turn-based battles to players’ preferences. The journey through Wrendia is intensely personalized with multiple difficulty settings, endless loot possibilities that can enhance or hinder characters, and pivotal choices that dictate the fate of the world. Each playthrough is designed to be a unique adventure, ensuring that no two quests are the same.

Darkest Dungeon II on PlayStation Soon

Red Hook Studios has announced that Darkest Dungeon II will be launching on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on July 15, 2024. The game, a sequel to the well-received Darkest Dungeon, extends the grim narrative and introduces a new turn-based road trip structure. Upon release, the game will be available with its first DLC, The Binding Blade, along with the Oblivion Bundle which includes both the base game and the DLC, purchasable as cross-buy options for both PlayStation platforms.

Darkest Dungeon 2 Gameplay Review

Darkest Dungeon II enhances its gameplay with the integration of PlayStation’s DualSense Controller features, adding immersive tactile feedback such as the simulated heartbeat of heroes at critical health points or the impact sensations when the stagecoach encounters traps. The game expands its hero roster to 14 with the addition of two new characters, The Duelist and The Crusader, in the DLC.

It also introduces a complex metagame progression hub known as The Altar of Hope, and offers various gameplay modifiers that adjust the difficulty level through thematic items like the Radiant and Infernal Flame.

A New Turn-Based strategy Game Announced

Clockwork Origins has officially announced their upcoming title HexaScape: Cyber Defense, a turn-based strategy game set within a cyberspace-themed hexgrid. The game combines elements of world-building and tower defense, challenging players to expand their influence from a central cyber core while combating invasive computer viruses. Drawing inspiration from the board game Carcassonne, the puzzler Dorfromantik, and Rogue Tower, HexaScape innovates with a unique virus spawn mechanism that distinguishes it within the genre.

Hexascape - New Strategy Game Announced

To give players a taste of what HexaScape: Cyber Defense has to offer, Clockwork Origins is releasing a demo on Steam that includes pre-built scenarios and extensive customization options. Over the coming months, the studio plans to significantly expand the game’s content and features, enhancing the strategic gameplay that blends classic and novel elements to offer a fresh take on the strategy genre.

Vertical Strategy Game Now Available on PC

Vertical Kingdom, a city builder card game, is officially available on PC via Steam. The game leverages a unique card-based system to construct cities vertically by managing essential resources such as food, water, and various building materials. Players pick from five decks each turn to strategically place cards and expand their urban areas skyward.

As the Great Architect tasked with reviving a lost empire, players rebuild regions one at a time, facing challenges like difficult terrain and resource scarcity. Each building decision is critical and final, demanding careful planning and synergy with the homes and workshops of imperial citizens to maintain loyalty and boost the empire’s economy.

Vertical Kingdom

To celebrate the launch, Vertical Kingdom is offering a 10% discount until April 22nd, and the developers express their gratitude for the community’s ongoing support and feedback which continues to shape the game.

Pixellated Tactical RPG Now Available on PC

Dream Tactics, a strategic role-playing game, is now available for players to enjoy on PC. Developed by passionate SRPG enthusiasts, the game promises innovative gameplay in grid-based combat, featuring card-based mechanics that allow players to unleash devastating combos. With over 50 enemy types and hand-crafted battles, each encounter challenges players to think strategically.

Dream Tactics

Dream Tactics offers extensive character customization with over 100 unique cards and nearly 200 items to build the perfect party. Additionally, players can explore the Dream World, choosing from four distinct areas, each with its own storylines, unlockable characters, and rewards.

To mark the game’s launch, Dream Tactics is currently discounted by 10% until April 22nd, inviting players to dive into its immersive world and take on the formidable Dream Eater.

This roundup of news, announcements, and new releases is wrapping up. As always, here are all the ways you can connect with me and the entire community: Twitter, Discord, and our YouTube channel. Ti auguro un fantastico weekend. Ciao


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