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In Stars and Time: The Retro Time-Loop RPG Is Out Now!

Written by VeryWetLeaf


Developer insertdisc5 and publisher Armor Games Studios had just recently released their highly-anticipated turn-based, time-loop RPG In Stars and Time. The game launched on PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation. Currently sitting on a 9/10 rating on Steam, the game has the potential to be yet another indie sensation.

In Stars and Time is available on Steam, GOG,, Nintendo Switch, and on the PlayStation.

About In Stars and Time

In Stars and Time is a time-looping turn-based RPG adventure. With each loop, Siffrin gains new perspectives about the world around them, opening up new solutions to puzzles and allowing them to make better choices in conversations. Equip memories as armor, pray to the Change God to improve your team’s capabilities each loop, and challenge deadly foes to Rock, Paper, Scissors all while Siffrin seeks out the truth.

The game tells the story of Siffrin and their adventurer friends–a found family bound together by fate in order to end the tyrannical reign of an evil king. But as victory was almost within the party’s grasp, tragedy strikes, the clock resets, and they have to do it all over again. With Siffrin being the only one who notices the loop, each new start wears away at their cheerful veneer, yet they keep going in hopes they can end this temporal tragedy once and for all.


  • Save the world through the power of Rock, Paper, Scissors in strategic turn-based RPG combat encounters
  • Ignore the limits of time and space to fix your past mistakes by repeating the same two days over and over again
  • Equip the memories you have of your friends to make your party stronger in combat
  • Watch the fate of this world unfold as you escape the twists and turns of this endless(???) loop
  • Eat samossas with your friends!
  • Get heckled by a cheeky ethereal being of infinite starlight
  • Pray to a god for good luck in your travels. You’re gonna need it



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