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Isometric CRPG Broken Roads Now Has a Demo

Written by Marcello TBL

Broken Roads

Developer Drop Bear Bytes is pleased to announce the demo’s release for the anticipated isometric CRPG Broken Roads. This demo allows players to explore the role of the Hired Gun, which is one of the four origin stories that will be featured in the full release. The character of the Hired Gun comes with a unique set of attributes, starting skills, and an established reputation. This reputation significantly influences how interactions with other characters unfold throughout the game.

Broken roads

The demo provides an insight into several innovative aspects of Broken Roads, including its turn-based combat system, the Moral Compass mechanism, and visually stunning hand-drawn graphics. It offers an exploratory journey through a post-apocalyptic Western Australia where players can engage with various characters, each having their unique narratives and motives.

It should be noted that, at present, the demo is available solely in English. While the complete game will include support for multiple languages at its launch – including Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, and Spanish (Latin America) – the localized versions for the demo are still under development and expected to be released soon. Below is an overview of the game Via Steam and the latest trailer.


Born of a love for traditional computer role-playing, Broken Roads provides a rich, engaging narrative in which players make their way across a desolated future Australia. Blending together traditional and all-new role-playing elements on top of a classless system offering nearly unlimited character development options, Broken Roads presents players with an original morality system: the Moral Compass. This novel design sees dialogue options and questing decisions influence, and be influenced by, a character’s philosophical leaning.


  • All-new post-apocalyptic setting
  • Unique morality system influencing dialogue, quests and character development
  • Authentic Australian locations and environments
  • Blend of traditional and original RPG mechanics
  • Up to 5 party members
  • Turn-based tactical combat
  • Hand-drawn artwork
  • A content-rich and densely-crafted world


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