Soul-Like Deck of Souls Announcement

Written by Marcello TBL

Deck of Souls

In an exciting announcement, HeroCraft PC introduces Deck of Souls, a groundbreaking roguelite game that ingeniously combines the strategic gameplay of deck-building with the challenging elements of souls-like experiences. Originally showcased at the Guerrilla Collective event, Deck of Souls is now open for eager gamers to wishlist on Steam. Discover the captivating reveal trailer and prepare for an unparalleled adventure!

Deck of Souls immerses players in a quest to construct an awe-inspiring divine deck capable of overthrowing the malevolent offsprings of darkness. With each fallen enemy defeated, their souls can be extracted and utilized to create new cards, empowering players with an ever-expanding array of formidable abilities.

This card-driven souls-like adventure presents several key features to anticipate:

  • Unleash Unstoppable Decks: Harness the souls of vanquished adversaries to forge potent cards, strategically combining the unique strengths of various classes. Uncover the true extent of your power as you weave an unstoppable deck.
  • Choose Your Hero’s Path: Embark on the journey with a selection of distinct classes, each offering their own set of capabilities and visual aesthetics. With RPG elements and an intuitive inventory system at your disposal, shape the perfect hero and outfit them for victory.
  • Determine the Fate of Bosses: As you encounter powerful bosses, the weight of their destiny rests in your hands. Execute them for their sins or, alternatively, show mercy and recruit their aid in your noble cause. The choice is yours to make.

About Bigboot Studios:

Led by the talented developer Dante Andriano, Bigboot Studios stands as a testament to remarkable individuality. Despite being born with a birth defect that hinders the use of his hands, Andriano has defied the odds, releasing the award-winning game Halftime Heroes, which secured the prestigious People’s Choice accolade at Argentina’s Video Game Expo (EVA).

About HeroCraft PC:

HeroCraft PC enjoys a distinguished reputation as both a publisher and occasional developer of PC games. Their diverse portfolio encompasses esteemed titles like King of Dragon Pass, Tempest, and Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf. With a strong focus on role-playing, action, and strategy genres, HeroCraft PC has cultivated a collection of over 10 noteworthy games. Currently, the company remains dedicated to publishing several highly anticipated titles, including Revival: Recolonization, Heart Abyss, Anvil Saga, Catizens, Roboholic, and Organs Please, all of which are available on the Steam platform.

Below an overview via Steam.

Roguelite deck-building meets souls-like. Break out of an infinite loop to close the hell gates, turn enemies into cards, and build your own omnipotent Deck of Souls! Rolls included.

Create your own hero, extract souls of your enemies and make cards out of them, break through tough battles, die, and go all over again…

In Deck of Souls, you will:

  • Turn your enemies’ souls into your cards and mix different classes’ abilities to uncover your true power.
  • Choose your hero’s capabilities and appearance, pick between several distinct classes, use the RPG elements and inventory system to your advantage, and take the proper outfit.
  • Make choices and decide the bosses’ fate. Execute them for their sins or spare them, so that they will come to help.


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