Jagged Alliance 3 Release Window & Collector Edition Unveiled

Written by Marcello TBL

Jagged Alliance 3

With an update through the Steam Page, THQ Nordic and Haemimont Games have unveiled Jagged Alliance 3 information about the release window and the special collector edition.

Jagged Alliance 3 Aim System

Gamers can now pre-order the Jagged Alliance 3 Tactical Edition, which provides a comprehensive kit of equipment for an immersive experience in the world of Jagged Alliance 3. The Tactical Edition includes everything gamers need to gain an advantage in combat, from top-of-the-line equipment to character cards and the official game soundtrack.

The Tactical Edition is housed in a sturdy and waterproof case, ensuring gamers’ gear remains safe and dry even in harsh environments. The kit includes a Heavy Duty Tactical Belt, Tactical Belt Pouch, A.I.M. Pin, Set of 36 Character Cards, and the Original Soundtrack on disc, all presented in a limited Media Book.

Jagged Alliance 3 is set to release this summer, and the Tactical Edition is available for pre-order now at an SRP of € 129.99 / £ 114.99. Whether gamers are battling in the game or comfortably seated in their gaming chairs, the Jagged Alliance 3 Tactical Edition is the perfect tool to help them survive and thrive in this challenging world.

For more information on the latest developer diaries, check out https://thqn.net/ja3-dd. Stay tuned for more updates on Jagged Alliance 3 and the Tactical Edition kit. Below is an overview of the game Via Steam and the Tactical Edition Trailer.


Grand Chien, a nation of rich natural resources and deep political divides, is thrown into chaos when the elected president goes missing and a paramilitary force known as “The Legion” seizes control of the countryside. Now, the President’s family has pulled together all their resources, including an arrangement with the powerful Adonis corporation, to hire a group of skilled mercenaries tasked with finding the President and bringing order back to the country.

In Jagged Alliance 3, select from a huge cast of mercenaries all with their own unique personalities, quirks, and backstories. Then go out and explore Grand Chien as you meet new people, earn money, grow your team, and ultimately make your own decisions that will decide the country’s fate.


  • Engage in rich, tactical turn-based combat
  • Recruit from a large cast of unique mercenaries, including many familiar fan favorites
  • Loot, salvage, and customize an arsenal of weaponry and equipment
  • Choose from a wide array of special perks to customize your mercs as they level up
  • Decide the fate of Grand Chien in an open RPG structure
  • Control territory, train the locals, command multiple parties, and defend against enemy forces in an alive, active world
  • Experience the campaign with friends in online co-op mode


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