Japanese Gangster High School Tactics RPG Banchou Tactics Soon on PC

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Banchou Tactics

With a Tweet from Publisher Flyhigh Works, the release date of Banchou Tactics arrives. Set for a PC via Steam Release in August with no set date yet. Developed by Secret Character, Banchou Tactics is a turn-based strategy RPG set in a Japanese high school gangster world inspired by the popular manga series, Crows, and the classic games River City Ransom and Final Fantasy Tactics.

Banchou Tactics

In a town in Japan, three high schools – Sakae High School, Nakamura Technical High School, and Minato High School – have been in a bloody conflict for several years. The goal is to assert dominance and establish themselves as the most powerful gang in the area. However, the recent graduation of Kitagawa Seiichi, the demon king of Minato High School, has again thrown the balance of power into question.

As players enter the world of Banchou Tactics, they will assume the role of Taiga Arashi, a student at Minato High School. The game features high-quality 2D pixel graphics on a 3D stage, turn-based strategy gameplay, and unique features such as special attacks, a knockback system, and a combo system.

In Banchou Tactics, players will need to use their strategic skills to outwit their opponents and claim victory in intense battles. As they progress through the game, they will unlock new abilities and upgrades for their characters, allowing them to take on even tougher opponents.

Below an overview of the game Via Steam and my Gameplay First Look.

Banchou Tactics is a strategy turn based role-playing game in the Japanese Gangster High School (Banchou).
Game inspire by Crows (Japanese Manga) River City Ransom and Final Fantasy Tactics.


For several years of conflicts, there were bloody struggles between three high schools around this area (somewhere in Japan). This madness played by the three schools: Sakae High School, Nakamura Technical High School and Minato High School. They engaged in many fierce battles with the aim to show who’s boss in this town.

When Kitagawa Seiichi, the demon king of Minato High School just graduated last year, all the balance of three power came to doubt once again.

The game is set in Minato High School The story focuses on TAIGA ARASHI.

Game Features

– High quality 2D pixel on 3D stage
– Turn based strategy game
– Special Attack
– Knock back system
– Combo system


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