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Leak Elite is a turn-based puzzle game where to beat a level you need to exploit its bug and make it crash. Its realistic hacking narrative is based on actual events and chat logs from real hackers.

Leak Elite Overview

In-Game Background Story

You are the most skilled member of Leak Elite, a team of elite hackers.
Night after night you hack your way into major networks (broadcasters, banks, cybersecurity companies) and leak their most protected data to the public. You do this for three reasons: have fun, get attention and show the world how much the Internet is vulnerable.

Everything seems to be going well but after the news of the arrest of a hacker from another group anxiety and paranoia will begin to spread in the team.

Gameplay info

At the beginning of each level you control a single unit (malware) that can only move. To acquire new abilities you need to download Functions from specific tiles within the level. For example, the Copy function allows you to create a copy of the malware.


During your turn you can plan your moves by analyzing what enemies will do in their next turn. Enemies have simple and predetermined behaviors. They can be destroyed by crossing them as in checkers.
If a malware is hit by an enemy it loses its last downloaded function and if it has no more functions it is destroyed.

To beat a level, you have to reproduce the conditions that trigger a certain bug. For example, occupy all the spawn points before an enemy is spawned. In doing so, you must prevent your malwares from being destroyed by enemies or the alarm level from reaching its maximum value (the alarm level rises when you destroy an enemy, for example).

The levels (servers) are organized in 5 networks. Your ultimate goal is to reach the database server and hack it. Depending on the type of hacked server you can get different bonuses (i.e. File Servers allow you to earn bitcoins, DHCP server to get a network map).

Each network must be hacked within a certain number of nights and every night you have six hours to try to hack six servers. When you fail to hack a server the tracking level goes up and when it reaches 100% you are arrested.

Key features

  • Beat a level by making it crash.
  • Make your move by analyzing the enemies next turn actions.
  • Acquire new abilities from the level.
  • Create your party by making copies of your units.
  • Experience a realistic hacking narrative told via chat logs.
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About the developer

Micatrix is actually a solo developer with years of experience in the game industry. Leak Elite is my first indie project.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LeakElite1
Youtube (full walkthrough and gameplay tips): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRyoqq4OUgba00OXXKwlzbQ
Web Site: https://leakelite.com/

Release date & platforms

The game will be released before the end of the summer 2020 on PC.



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