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Lemnis Gate Fps Turn-Based

Frontier Foundry, the games label of Frontier Developments plc (AIM: FDEV, ‘Frontier’), and Ratloop Games Canada today shared in-depth details on what players can expect in the upcoming BETA. Going live from 22nd to 26th July, the five-day event marks the first-ever time PC players can jump into the action and experience the cerebral intricacies of this turn-based strategy shooter.

The BETA will feature four maps and two game modes, offering players a taste of the tactical challenges that await them in Lemnis Gate. Retrieve XM, the first of two modes available, takes place across the maps of Tectonic Wells and Quarry. Players will need to leverage these varied landscapes as part of their strategy as they compete to collect the most Exotic Matter (XM) before time runs out. Domination is the second mode available, where players will seek to outwit and outsmart the opposition as they compete to control territory across the maps of Chimera and Arbor.

In both modes, all seven Operatives are available to select. Players can deploy the likes of robotic Operative KARL, poison-spewing Toxin, and time-slowing marksman Striker as they devise innovative strategies to outthink and outmanoeuvre opponents. With the match’s competitors each rolling out a new Operative at the beginning of every 25-second round, there’s plenty of scope for tactical geniuses to devise incredible game plans spanning multiple timelines.

In addition to battling across various worlds, players taking part also have the opportunity to unlock exclusive operative and weapon skins only available through the BETA. Any skins unlocked during the BETA will carry over to the full game at launch.

Alongside the BETA news, Frontier Foundry also unveiled their latest developer diary, delving into the many ways to play in this tactical, turn-based time-twister.

Join Game Director, James Anderson, and 3D Artist, Corey Kasperski, as they take a deeper look at Lemnis Gate’s four tantalising game modes; Retrieve XM, Domination, Seek & Destroy and Deathmatch, each of which puts a unique spin on FPS staples thanks to the innovative 25 second time loop mechanic at the heart of Lemnis Gate’s gameplay. In addition to the game modes, players will also learn about the various match types available. For solo players there’s the 1v1 match type letting them battle it out to determine who has the greatest team of operatives, while for those who believe two heads are better than one there’s the 2v2 match type that lets two teams of operatives face off as they battle over the objectives. Both modes offer players the option to play either turn-based or simultaneous turn-based, where teammates will play together on the same turn. All of these modes and match types will be available both online and offline. Through Lemnis Gate’s offline mode, players can also play with their friends via a “pass the controller” option, and strategise alongside each other in person.

Lemnis Gate is available to pre-order today for 20% off the suggested retail price of £15.49/$19.99/€16.79 from Steam, Windows Store, PlayStation Store, and Xbox Store. Pre-order will also unlock the exclusive KARL operative and weapon skin, Mettle Mantis.

Lemnis Gate launches August 3rd on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


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