Live by the Sword: Tactics Introduces the Board Builder

Written by Marcello TBL

Live by The Sword Tactics

Indie Dev Labrador Studios has just announced a major update for its tactical RPG Live by the Sword: Tactics, adding custom board building to the game. Players can now create their own battlefields and engage in strategic combat against either a friend or the AI. The developer have given players all the tools they need to express their creativity and create unique battlefields.

Live by the Sword - Best Weeklong Deals

To celebrate the launch of the new update, Live by the Sword: Tactics will be available at a 90% discount on Steam starting on March 16, 2023. Similar sales for Xbox platforms and Nintendo Switch will follow in the coming weeks. This is a great opportunity for new players to check out the game and for those who haven’t played since launch to see all the new additions and improvements.

Since its launch in October, Live by the Sword: Tactics has received numerous updates. Some of the new additions include Traits, which grant characters powerful passive effects, three new unlockable characters in Adventure Mode with a full range of abilities and innate traits, a Stat Point system for upgrading health, movement, speed, and accuracy, Grand Effects which offer additional passive bonuses in battle, new items for dealing damage and healing allies, and a new Fast Mode toggle to speed up battles.

In addition, all 24 Story battles have been reviewed and updated based on player feedback. The developers have also lowered the game’s base price, making it more accessible to players.

If you’re a fan of tactical RPGs or looking for a new game to play, Live by the Sword: Tactics is definitely worth checking out. With the new custom board building feature and a host of other improvements, this game is sure to provide hours of strategic and engaging gameplay.

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