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Master of Magic – Scourge Of The Seas DLC Releasing In February 8th, 2024

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Master of Magic, the 4x turn-based fantasy strategy game from developers MuHa Games and Eerie Forest Interactive and publisher Slitherine is getting an all new expansion sized DLC. The new DLC titled, “Scourge of the Seas” brings a ton of new content. Featuring three new heroes, each with their own strengths and weakness. As well as an entirely new cursed orc race. The world of Arcanus just got even bigger. In conjunction with the DLC, a free update will also be released. The new update will feature a variety of fixes and improvements along with a few new features.

Master of Magic – Scourge of the Seas will be available on Steam and GOG on February 8th, 2024.

About Scourge of the Seas DLC


Master of Magic: Scourge of the Seas is an expansion that brings new wizards, races, heroes, and challenges to the world of Arcanus. Dive into an exciting adventure filled with magic, mayhem, and conquest as you explore the depths of the mystical seas.

Explore the New Race

Once fearsome orcs who refused to give up their war-like ways and became pirates, the scourgers have been cursed, becoming spectral beings driven by greed and envy. They can traverse land and sea effortlessly, and they have unique buildings and units to enhance their abilities.

New Heroes With Unique Events

Meet three exceptional heroes, each with their own captivating stories and unique events. Ph’ym the Philomath, Big Berta, and Slithers the Sea Scourge are ready to join your cause, offering their services to the highest bidder.

Conquer New Challenges

Embark on a journey to the depths of the sea, explore the Reef Island and the Wind Caves, and face new enemies and challenges. These unique locations provide thrilling encounters and treasures for intrepid explorers.

Face Monstrous Boss Lairs

Challenge yourself by confronting the monstrous Kraken bosses in the Reef Island and Wind Caves, earning unique Wizard Traits that can only be gained by defeating them.

Harness New Water Resources

Utilize three new map resources – pearls, reef, and fish – to enhance your shoreline cities. A new Arcane spell allows you to harvest sea resources that fall outside of your city’s catchment area.


  • 4 New powerful Wizards
  • New, exciting Wizard Traits
  • A new race: Scourgers
  • 3 new heroes with new skills
  • 3 New Water Lairs and Maps resources
  • A new Arcane spell
  • New boss lairs

Free Update Features

  • Engaging water combat visuals – rafts for units without swim
  • Breakdown of a town’s production incomes
  • In construction manager, Ability to queue items that require prerequisites
  • UI button to show resource icons on map
  • Diplomatic and AI improvements such as:
  1. Improved AI city defenses and how to manage units
  2. Spell of Mastery will be more attractive for AI to use
  3. Implement visual feedback within treaty requests and conversations after diplomatic actions. Also, integrate diplomatic trade into the relationship, reflecting the impact of a trade and changes to the trade evaluation. Furthermore, consider Fear and Relationship as factors influencing trade acceptance, affecting the potential acceptance of a tribute or an unfavorable trade. Added visual improvements to depict the current status of a relationship with the AI.
  4. Fixed AI town danger rank estimation scale even in peace or panic mode issues and AI relationship changes to prevent unilateral overrides and data loss.
  5. A Few Changes to AI: traverse water including fixes to transport settlers targeting oversea locations; now towns should have sensible armies defense appropriate to AIs current production ability. AI will be open for more diplomatic efforts and less war trigger
  6. Improving Treaty evaluation and relying on relationship as gain from the treaty is beneficial regardless of the situation
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