Arco – Inventive Tactical Action Game’s Demo Is Out Now

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Publisher Panic and the international team behind this inventive tactical turn-based RPG Arco excitedly announced the release of the game’s demo ahead of this February’s Steam Next Fest. The demo includes the tutorial as well as a small portion of the campaign. It’ll also let you play the Arena Mode where players are free to customize their character and play around with the game’s combat system.

Arco is being developed by a talented international team:

  • Poland – Franek Nowotniak (Pixel Artist)
  • Australia – Max Cahill (Game Developer)
  • Spain – José Ramón “Bibiki” García (Composer and Sound Designer)
  • Mexico – Antonio “Fáyer” Uribe (Industry Veteran)

Arco’s release date is set later this year and will be available on Steam and Epic. However, the game’s demo is now available and playable on Steam.

About Arco


Enter the breathtakingly beautiful world of Arco, a unique tactical action game where your decisions shape the story. Journey through lush forests, sweeping plains, and scorching deserts as you guide four unlikely heroes in their vendetta against the Red Company gang. Battle warriors of different nations, fend off greedy colonizers, and slay monstrous creatures as you voyage across this enchanted land. Change your fate, one move at a time.


  • Cleverly plan your next move in a unique, “simultaneous turn-based” combat system.
  • Unlock new game-changing skills, recruit powerful allies, and collect life-saving resources as you progress.
  • Progress through each campaign as a different character with their own set of special abilities.
  • Dive into a tale full of danger and excitement and watch it unfold from multiple viewpoints.
  • Explore a fantastical world brought to life by evocative pixel art and an atmospheric score.
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