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Spellforce: Conquest Of Eo Gets All New DLC – Demon Scourge

Written by VeryWetLeaf


Developer Owned by Gravity and publisher THQ Nordic announced the upcoming expansion for their turn-based tactical strategy game, Spellforce: Conquest of Eo. The Demon Scourge DLC introduces a new mage class, the Demonologist. The new class comes with its very own play style and a unique set of spells. Aside from that comes an expansive list of additional content and features.

Spellforce: Conquest of Eo – Demon Scourge will be releasing on February 13, 2024.

About Spellforce: Conquest of Eo – Demon Scourge DLC


A new threat rises…

Something has broken through the veil that separates the world of Fiara from the Demon Realm. Following an influx of demons being let loose by an unknown event, the Highmark is in upheaval.

Trolls pour down the mountains, driven from their ancestral homes, and lay waste to the cities and settlements of the Highmark and the Dwarven lands. Demon lords have set up their domains in plain sight, imposing their cruel reign and extracting the very essence of the land for their nefarious purposes.

Will these new powers be an ally or an enemy to you? Where some see only danger, the clever mage spots an opportunity. Find a way to tame the troll hordes and bring them under your command, ally yourself with demons and profit from their vast powers – if you are willing to pay the price.

Alternatively push back against the emerging threat and gain the respect of not only the people of the realm, but also your fellow mages. Whatever you choose, the path will be fraught with danger. Only the most cunning, the most powerful, and the most able will survive.

New Mage Class and Spell List

Control demons and form cults to send out minions willing to embrace your demonic dealings and infiltrate the great cities in your name. Summon the corrupted spirits of demons from beyond the River of Souls, giving them bodies to inhabit so that they may grow stronger. Then, cast their bodies aside, growing the demons further in new hosts until you have created the most powerful servants, or bind their souls to powerful artefacts for your armies to wield. Demonology offers a wide array of options for those ruthless enough to take them on, adding over 25 new tower rooms and extensions.

The new Magic School Occultism, adding 16 new spells, can support a Demonologist with summoning and sacrifices, but it can also enhance the power of other Mage Classes, adding devastating curses and strong bindings to them. As always, such powers come at a price – but perhaps you can find someone else to pay it?

New Adventures, New Units, New Powers

With 25 new units, including a whole new faction of Trolls as well as a variety of powerful demons, our mage will have no shortage of new enemies and allies for your mage. Over 30 new promotions bring a massive amount of variety to your units, helping them to face the over 120 new adventures and missions this DLC contains.

A new Troll hero, whose fate is intertwined with a powerful troll clan, as well as eight new locations await. Demon Lords have established themselves in the world, changing the very essence of the regions they control, and can be powerful allies or terrible enemies.

Your game will never be the same again….


  • 2 new enemy factions: Demons and Trolls
  • New Mage Type: Demonologist
  • New Spell School: Occultism
  • 25 new units
  • New Boss enemies: Demon Lords
  • 120+ new adventures with hours of new quests
  • 30+ new unit promotions
  • 2 New Win Conditions
  • 25+ new tower rooms and expansions
Spellforce: Conquest of Eo – Demon Scourge – Steam Store




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