A fast-paced turn-based RPG from solo dev Hookaria Games. Lead a group of strange heroes across the battlefield looking for a way to reach the Tower of Spirit. A game where choices matter. Gather a group of unique characters, survive a series of random encounters, and battle the way to reach the enigmatic tower!

Tower of Spirit


  • Recruit new characters along the way and try new synergies whenever you embark on a run! Every attempt is unique as you face new encounters, enemies, and discoveries
  • Those relics grant a variety of powerful bonuses and abilities. But you cannot equip them all! Choose wisely and adapt your strategy accordingly
  • Tower of Spirit is full of cute-looking, weird characters and monsters, drawn and animated frame by frame in an old fashion 2D

About Tower of Spirit Devs

The dev behind the game, In 2021, after quitting his job and after months of learning code, hand-drawn 2D art, and traditional animation, created the solo developer studio Hookaria Games. Tower of Spirit is his first commercial project started in January 2022.

  • Twitter page: https://twitter.com/hookariagames
  • Official website: https://www.hookariagames.com/
  • Steam Page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1989140/Tower_of_Spirit

Release date & Platforms

Tower of Spirit is a PC available in early access on Steam