Save The King In Tactical RPG Lost In The Open – Demo Available Now

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Lost In The Open Tactical RPG Overview

A Fresh Take on Tactical RPG Roguelike now with a demo available

Stockholm-based indie game studio Black Voyage Games is thrilled to announce its latest creation, Lost In The Open, at this year’s #TurnBasedThursdayFest. This event, which will celebrate the finest in turn-based video games from April 4-8, will introduce players to the game through a special demo available on Steam.

Lost In The Open sets itself apart as a roguelike, low-fantasy tactical RPG, casting players into a merciless world where every decision could be life or death. Following a dramatic assassination attempt, players navigate treacherous lands, employing strategic recruitment and engaging in desperate battles to survive.

Lost In The Open

Rafael Dolfe, CEO & Lead Developer at Black Voyage Games, expressed enthusiasm for showcasing the game during the #TurnBasedThursdayFest, highlighting the team’s commitment to enriching the turn-based strategy genre. The game promises a blend of node-based exploration and tactical RPG combat, challenging players to outsmart AI in a marathon of survival and strategy.

With its unique “Parchment and Quill” art style—inspired by authentic medieval illustrations but infused with a modern flair—Lost In The Open aims to offer an atmospheric and immersive experience. The game’s world is enriched with a complex narrative and a randomized environment, ensuring a fresh and engaging experience with every playthrough.

Lost In The Open RPG

Don’t miss the chance to try the game now, because the release date is set for 2025 on Pc via Steam. Below an overview and trailer.

About Lost In the Open

A grueling roguelike tactical RPG where combat revolves around YOU!

You are Nrvesk, the ruler of Ruedome. Your reign was bloody, oppressive and unjust. During an inconspicuous strategic meeting with the neighbouring country Stratha, an assassination attempt is made against you. You are seriously wounded yet miraculously carried out of the castle through a backdoor by elite bodyguards.

Your King is your most powerful asset but also your greatest liability. How you control your King will determine whether you survive or perish.

You lose the game if your King dies. That is, if you die!

Protect yourself or face the consequences!

Lost in the Open is designed to be a challenging experience. Enemies will pull you out of position, lure you into traps and work as a team to flank you. Position your units to create an impenetrable frontline, but remember to protect your flanks and, most importantly, your king!

Each node you encounter will offer a narrative choice; do you engage in risky combat or take a small bribe? Do you help a stranger with a chance for a random reward but also a chance to be tricked?

Furthermore, Strathaian royal guards are in constant pursuit. You will need to navigate the world strategically to not fall into the grasp of your pursuers.

Defeating enemies, aiding strangers, and trading with merchants will allow you to unlock new traits and abilities and upgrade your equipment. Flank your enemies with devastating blows, slash through multiple foes at once, or provide your battlefield allies with a powerful buff. You’ll need to forge the recruits you come across into hardened, loyal bodyguards to survive.


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