Online Turn-Based RPG Broken Ranks published a new Road Map

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Broken Ranks

Broken Ranks by Whitemoon Games is an online free to play turn-based RPG set in a dark fantasy world. It features a big open world map and fast-paced turn-based battles with an impressive isometric graphic style. Continuously updated, the devs just published all their plan for 2023. It regards graphics implementation and lots of new features in order to give even more excitement and things to do. More info and trailer below.

Broken Ranks

Whitemoon Games has published an update of the roadmap, setting the further direction for the development of its title. The studio also shared preliminary plans for content, which can be expected in the first two quarters of 2023.

“We’re currently looking further into to the future and planning new things with a lot of excitement. We really have a lot of ideas for content, activities and functionalities that will make gameplay more attractive, add freshness to our game and will make players at various level ranges even more involved. That’s why we want to share the preliminary plans that we intend to implement in the first two quarters of next year. Another important, and at the same time good, news is that we are slowly preparing for next year’s closed tests of the mobile version. But we will definitely inform about them in advance” – says the founder of the studio, Krzysztof Danilewicz.

Graphics with the roadmap update and preliminary plans for the beginning of 2023 can be found on the game’s website, at this LINK

“We are glad that up to this point we’ve managed to implement everything that we have detailed in our roadmap. In addition, we’ve also introduced some extra functionalities that the community has asked for and we are grateful to them for their suggestions. When it comes to updating this year’s plans, we’ve analyzed the most pressing topics, taken into account the voices of players, and prioritized anew. We decided to put emphasis on all the balance issues that are so important in MMORPG titles. One of the most important changes is postponing the guild update. Before the guild reform, we want to start working on the PvP system to make it more interesting for both new players and veterans.” – adds Danilewicz.

Summing up the activities undertaken so far, since the premiere, the studio has introduced two large instances with bosses and legendary items associated with them. On top of that, quests in places where the content was most lacking, as well as guilds with guild plots, which additionally integrate players. The first part of the achievement system, recruit a friend system, the trading system (Marketplace), two special events, cosmetic add-ons and a lot of smaller and larger corrections and improvements were also added.


A full list of changes that have been introduced since the premiere is available on the Broken Ranks website, at this LINK

However, this is not all when it comes to changes in the roadmap – the dungeon map will be introduced later, but in return players will get the rebalance of the professions (PvE) they sought, sooner. Also, the reform of all equipment in the game, which will have a positive effect on the entire game, has been regarded as one of the most important points. Because of this, new Epic Items must be moved from quarter four to Quarter One next year. The Polish studio will also work on boss instances, and more specifically the introduction of their various levels of difficulty, which will be for the players both an additional challenge and entertainment.

Broken Ranks is the successor to The Pride of Taern, an MMORPG with a unique turn-based combat system and a gloomy low fantasy world that we discover in an isometric view. The title brings to mind such classics as the HoM&M series or Baldur’s Gate. Those courageous enough can expect a lot of story quests and a vast and interesting world, ready to be explored both solo and in groups centered around the guild system.

The game is available on PC through a game client. Useful links:
PressPack (Screenshots, logo, etc):


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