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Pixelated RPG EVERING Is Ready for the Full Release

Written by Marcello TBL


After an extensive development period of over three years, Purpure Studio is thrilled to announce the official release of its eagerly awaited turn-based pixel art RPG, EVERING, scheduled for February 28, 2024 on Steam. This game promises to take players on an unparalleled adventure that combines the essence of classic RPGs with modern storytelling and gameplay enhancements.


EVERING is a captivating adventure RPG that features a turn-based combat system, adorned with a vibrant pixel art aesthetic. It weaves a compelling narrative filled with wit, humor, and a cast of charismatic characters, set in a meticulously crafted world where time loops in an extraordinary manner.


Players will embark on the epic journey of Eldar, the Prince of Onnya, who is determined to uncover the origins of a mysterious legend. Throughout his quest, Eldar will come to realize the interconnectedness of his universe, leading to revelations beyond his wildest dreams. Accompanying him is Lue, a formidable witch with a protective streak; Jövla, a dagger-wielding wanderer with secrets of her own; Laric, an aspiring alchemist plagued by self-doubt; and Qibayn, an artist on an endless quest for inspiration.

What Sets EVERING Apart

Originally released in early access on Steam and Itch in 2020, EVERING has been periodically enhanced with new content and updates. The upcoming release marks the largest update yet, concluding the game’s story while introducing significant improvements and additions to the gameplay experience. These enhancements include a new main menu design, a revamped side quest system, and integration with Steam achievements, among others.

EVERING’s standout features include its nostalgic pixel art style, expressive characters, and a variety of unique settings that pay homage to classic games like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Earthbound. With over 25 hours of gameplay, the game offers a perfect blend of drama and comedy, extensive exploration, and engaging turn-based combat against distinctive enemies and bosses.

Key Features and Improvements in v1.0

  • Over 25 hours of gameplay, available in English and Spanish.
  • A harmonious blend of drama and comedy.
  • Extensive exploration of diverse towns and dungeons.
  • Unique turn-based combat with a variety of enemies and bosses.
  • A plethora of intriguing characters and lore-rich books.
  • Engaging puzzles, side quests, and more.
Combat System

The v1.0 update introduces a beautifully redesigned main menu with music from Penguin Music Studio, a new dynamic battle menu, an Errands Notebook for tracking side quests, blacksmiths for weapon upgrades, banks for saving money and earning prizes, over 30 new skills and attack animations, and enhanced accessibility features.


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