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In the last decade, few if not no video games ever captured the essence of Yu-Gi-Oh! except for Yu-Gi-Oh!. Well, developer Yfrit Games attempts to capture its essence with their latest game Primateria. Despite taking heavy inspiration from Yu-Gi-Oh! the game is able to steer away from being a complete rip-off of the popular card game. Primateria establishes its own unique cards, artstyle, systems and mechanics, allowing it to be a completely unique card game on its own. And aside from the roguelike aspect of the game, it also showcases some interesting card mechanics like its infinite fusion that lets you fuse cards infinitely. If you’re looking for a fresh new card game experience then this may be well worth the try.

Primateria released back in the 8th of January and is available for PC via Steam. If you want to try the game out before committing then a free demo is also available.

About Primateria


Embark on an epic journey in Primateria, a game redefining the roguelike deckbuilder with a nod to classic Yu-Gi-Oh! experience. Fuse cards, battle divine beings, and navigate through a universe teeming with challenges and surprises. Embrace the thrill of endless combinations and tactical depths.


  • Revolutionary Infinite Fusion: Primateria redefines deck-building with its innovative infinite fusion system. You can infinitely merge cards to create more potent tokens, breaking free from the confines of traditional turn-based mechanics. This system, while drawing inspiration from classics like Yu-Gi-Oh!, introduces a distinct and innovative twist.
  • Unleash High Attack Combos: Primateria empowers you to unleash powerful combo attacks through the unique abilities of each card, providing a thrilling and satisfying gameplay experience that captures the essence of the most dramatic moments in card battle games.
  • Strategic Fusion Summoning: Elevate your summoning tactics by perfectly matching levels for fusion. Every decision you make, every move you plan, becomes a crucial part of your strategic journey, demanding your tactical foresight and mastery.
  • Balanced Risk and Reward with Card Devolution: Face the unique challenge where high-level cards, upon defeat, transform back into their original forms rather than being destroyed. This balanced risk-reward system keeps your strategic play dynamic and engaging, constantly calling for your tactical adaptability.
  • Adaptive Mana Pool System: Primateria introduces a unique mana pool system tied to the fusion mechanic. This system doesn’t just govern card play but also powers up your special abilities, adding an additional layer of strategy to your gameplay.
  • “Dual Graveyard” Dynamics: Primateria introduces a dual graveyard system – the “Damage Pile” and “Discard Pile,” adding complexity to the management of defeated and discarded cards and introducing a new strategic element to the gameplay.
  • Protection & Repositioning Mechanic: The game’s design incorporates frontline and backline battle dynamics, forcing you to think critically about card placement and repositioning strategies, enhancing the depth of tactical play.
  • Rich, Expansive Universe: Set in a beautifully crafted world, Primateria offers a narrative-rich experience. Players, as “Polupus,” embark on a journey filled with divine entities and mythical challenges, making each playthrough not just a game but a story unfolding.
  • Roguelike Elements for Endless Replayability: With a variety of relics, consumables, and ever-changing maps, the game offers you immense replayability, ensuring that no two playthroughs are the same.
  • Almighty Legendary Cards: To make playing cards even more exciting, new legendary cards can be summoned by fulfilling very specific conditions and challenges during a run. These incredibly powerful cards have amazing new art and represent the divine characters in the game.
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