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Prison Gang Wars – Prison Life RPG Demo Playable Now

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Developer Black Halo Games showcases the gameplay for their prison-life RPG, Prison Gang Wars through a playable demo. Gather allies, claim territories, and raise as the main powerhouse inside a maximum security prison.

Prison Gang Wars is still under heavy development and an official release date has yet to be announced. However, a free demo is available for PC via Steam.

About Prison Gang Wars


Behind the prison bars an unspoken hierarchy rules, one with more power than any guard. To gain control over the prison, you’ll need to think with more than just your fists. Gather your allies, claim your territories and collect your debts as you rise through the ranks with your gang at your side.


  • Rule the Prison Yard: Strategically navigate the complex social dynamics of the prison yard. Forge alliances, recruit loyal gang members, and intimidate rivals to solidify your position as the ultimate prison gang leader. Build your gang strength, defend your turf and conquer rival gangs.
  • Smuggling Empire: Whether you bribe the guards or arrange for smuggling through an area you control, you will need to set up a smuggling pipeline into the prison, bringing in lucrative contraband. But this is only half the work. Once it’s arrived you must find customers, make a deal and enforce it.
  • Trade or Fight: You’ll need to weigh up whether to lead your gang into epic battles against rival factions, or play it quiet while you smuggle in contraband and make the deals. Grease the right palms among the prison guards, and find customers for your goods.
  • Become a Prison Legend: Prove your worth as the ultimate prison gang leader by completing challenging missions, conquering formidable bosses, and earning respect from your peers. Rise to the top of the rankings, and leave your mark as a legend in the annals of criminal history.
  • Immersive Gameplay: Experience the gritty and realistic world of prison life with stunning comic book style 3d graphics, immersive and captivating gameplay that will keep you hooked from the first moment to the last day of your sentence. That’s if you ever make it out of course.
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