Wanderer’s Sigil – Upcoming Dice-Fueled Adventure RPG

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While For The King II becoming a hit or miss for fans of its predecessor, that didn’t stop other studios from building upon the concept of the first For The King. Wanderer’s Sigil by developer Viabo Games seems to be one such endeavor.

Wanderer’s Sigil is a turn-based roguelite featuring a procedurally generated open-world and a unique dice management system. Visually, the game looks very similar to For The King and even shares some design philosophies. However, the game tries to stand out as its own title through its unique dice mechanics.

The game is still under development and no release date has been announced. However, if you want to check the game out for yourself, then a free demo is available on their Steam page in participation of the Steam Next Fest.

About Wanderer’s Sigil


In the aftermath of a magical cataclysm, strange and frightening places appeared where the emanation of power was strongest. Bizarre beasts and plants began to inhabit vast lands, forcing humankind to seek refuge in enclaves guarded by magical Sigils.

But not everyone has given up. Over the last two centuries, fearless souls known as Wanderers, all united by resilience, resourcefulness, and unwavering spirit, ventured beyond the safe walls of settlements to regain their land. And while the world is slowly recovering from the disaster, Wanderers are still needed to trade vital resources, carry news and search for clues about the magical devastation that changed the world forever.

And among them, you.

Strive to discover all the secrets of the world’s past. You might be the first to succeed.


  • Manage up to 4 characters – Unlock new characters through unique questlines.
  • Explore procedurally generated world and storylines – resulting in an ever-changing adventure. Navigate through unexpected events as you traverse diverse landscapes.
  • Roll your dice – in tactical turn-based combat against the remnants of fallen adventurers and outlaws corrupted by magic.
  • Plan your route carefully – The Wanderer’s Sigil will offer only a glimmer of safety amidst a hazardous path. As the strength of the Sigil weakens, your expedition will be more and more challenging.
  • Balance limited capacity – Will you prioritize taking valuable treasures or ensuring you have enough items to set up one more camp?
  • Gain memory shards – that will allow you to start again with better equipment and gear.
  • Procedurally generated world, characters and storylines
  • Customizable dice
  • Singleplayer, turn-based gameplay and combat
  • Resource management
Wanderer’s Sigil – Steam Store




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