Rising Lords – Medieval Turn-Based Strategy Game Leaves Early Access And Launches On Steam, Xbox, And Switch

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Rising Lords, Key Art

After over three years in early access, Rising Lords has officially launched with a simultaneous release for PC, Xbox, and on the Nintendo Switch. The game is the first large title from indie developers Argonwood.

The game mixes turn-based strategy with cards and board game mechanics. As a lord, you will have to balance economy and warfare, taking care of the needs of your people as well as defending them from hostile forces. But aside from that, you’ll have to prepare for random events lest they dictate your fate. The game also features leader customization, 4-player simultaneous multiplayer, and even modding support for the community.

Rising Lords is now fully available on Steam, Xbox, and on the Nintendo Switch.

About Rising Lords


Rising Lords is a medieval turn-based strategy game with card and board game elements. Send your serfs to fight and die in your name… or let them prosper, and use them to your advantage!


Collect taxes and resources. Dictate rations and field work. Forge weapons, raise armies, and build mighty fortified cities. Help your people become knights, or dump them on a battlefield far away, but be careful: even the most humble peasants will revolt eventually and an unlucky event card can change the fate of your realm quickly…


Be ready to expand your realm or defend your provinces! Relationships with other Lords are a fickle thing and you will find yourself on the battlefield sooner or later. Raise a well-rounded army, give yourself an edge through a card-based skill system and engage your enemies in mortal combat in highly tactical, grid- and turn-based encounters!


In addition to its campaign mode, Rising Lords features robust multiplayer functionality. Play a quick game, or settle in for an evening or more. Play mind games with your friends with Rising Lords’ special figures and spread false infos. Let them pay for their insolence in questioning your right to rule!


  • Expand your realm – Juggle production, resource gathering, construction, diplomacy and treason, tax and rations – all vital in the success of your provinces
  • Deep tactics – Use counters to troop types, morale, terrain and cards to get the upper hand even against seemingly impossible odds
  • Prove yourself – Make use of a variety of unique figures to gain an advantage, and triumph in special game modes such as Challenge Island and Invasion
  • Up to 4-player simultaneous multiplayer – No need to wait for each individual player to take their turn
  • Customisation – Tailor your leader’s look and skills, and craft your perfect cities and troops
  • Modding support – Create your own maps and story missions for Scenario Mode and share them using Steam Workshop
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