Sci-Fi Strategy Cantata Out Of Early Access Next Month

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The sci-fi strategy epic Cantata, a journey that invites players to conquer a cryptic, war-scarred alien planet, is set to break free from Steam’s Early Access, making its official launch this August 15th, 2023.

Crafted with precision by Afterschool Studio and presented to the world by Modern Wolf, this game propels players into a vividly coloured, turn-based saga. The theatre of this cosmic drama? A strange extraterrestrial world, loaded with over 27 hours of intriguing storyline content, a unique soundtrack, and creative tools that allow players to design new maps and game modes, both solo and in multiplayer.

Cantata - Pc Strategy Games

Cantata weaves a rich tapestry of gameplay that melds the grandiose scope of Strategy titles with the intense, moment-to-moment action of classic Tactics games. Players can step into the shoes of one of three unique sci-fi factions, waging war for dominance, methodically building structures, seizing territories, and expanding their military prowess. Brought to life with stunning hand-crafted art, immersive music, and compelling writing, they’re invited to dominate the treacherous world of Shoal across nine fully-authored story campaigns, with the promise of three thrilling new chapters upon release!

But Cantata isn’t just about following a narrative. Players can delve into both online and local multiplayer, crafting their battlefield and testing their friends in combat with a versatile Map Editor and Skirmish Mode.

Cantata is set to wave goodbye to Early Access and make its grand launch on Steam on August 15th, 2023. It is priced at £19.99/$24.99/€19.99 with an alluring 10% discount during the launch week. For the more passionate players, a deluxe “Dreamwalker” version will also be up for grabs, featuring the base game, the Cantata OST, and Digital Wallpapers at £25.50/$31.18/€26.98 – and with a substantial 20% discount during the launch week. Prepare for an adventure of epic proportions, where the fate of an alien world rests in their hands. Below an overview of the game Via Steam and 1.0 Release Trailer.


A rebellion has broken out disrupting the military force controlling the galaxy titled the 111th Reign of Humanity and Prosper, a swarm of robots calling themselves the “Unified Spirit” have risen up against the shackles of their human masters with the dream of a better world. The final stand is taking place on the unexplored planet of Shoal, where legends, Gods and creatures of the shadows meet reality… unknown to humans or robots, the planet itself has awoken – and its people are fighting to save it.

Play as a Commanding Officer for each faction as you work your way through the campaign to uncover the planet, crush the rebellion or to create a better world. Manage your resources, troops and capture regions across the planet’s surface. Be careful of your choices, it is not only the enemy forces you must watch out for but the treacherous planet itself.


Cantata takes you to a far off planet filled with vibrant colours, striking characters and a unique soundtrack that seems to echo through the galaxy. Each chapter of the campaign plays through as unique stand alone stories allowing you to uncover the history of each faction. Each map holds secrets for players to uncover which can aid you across the campaign – you’ll need to do effective recon to determine the best approach in battle. Beware though, the planet of Shoal isn’t one to let you idly move across its surface. Just like any other faction, the planet itself takes a turn every round, giving it the ability to fight back against the war on its surface with weather, fauna, and other mysteries.


Combining elements from Grand Strategy titles with the small-scale skirmishes of classic Tactics games, in Cantata you’ll start with a small base of operations and crucial few units, and then bring your grand strategic vision to life by building new structures, managing your regions, and expanding your army. As your presence on the planet Shoal grows you’ll be keeping a close eye on not only the empire you’ve built but also growing threats across the map.


Every single campaign map has been made with the exact same tool you’ll have access to in game. You have the full suite of options in your hands to make amazing tactical strategy maps. And if you get bored of our units, you can import your own custom units and terrains and make your own fully custom maps to share with everyone else in Steam Workshop. From small-sided skirmishes to epic, planet-sized conflicts, what kind of story do you want to create?


With both local and online multiplayer you can challenge friends and strangers across scenarios hand made using our modding tools or in our existing maps. Claim regions, out-manoeuvre your enemies, and surprise them with your unexpected ambushes. Cut off their supply lines, or meet them head-on at the front of battle. The choice is yours.


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