Stardander School For Witches: Now On Steam Early Access

Written by VeryWetLeaf

Stardander Key Art. Main Characters sitting around a table

From the developers of Aground, Fancy Fish Games heralds their new strategy RPG into Steam Early Access. Stardander School For Witches is a turn-based strategy RPG with a magical academy twist. Make friends, learn magic, brew potions, and whatever else witchy things witches do.

Stardander. Dialogue.


Welcome to Stardander School for Witches! Embrace your magical side by learning spells, solving mysteries, making friends and battling (or befriending) Fae creatures in a turn-based battle system. Do you have what it takes to pass your classes in a world besieged by a malicious enemy?

Delve into the lives of four young witches as they learn magic, protect their families, try to stay on their brooms, and work hard to unravel the mysteries surrounding Stardander, the best school of magic in the world. Witches always have more to learn and players will be able to take part in a multitude of classes to help hone their magic. Learn projection, transmutation, channeling, telepathy, and more. You never know what spell may come in handy at a desperate moment!

Freya: "So these are your pupils?" 
Dialogue with 3 other characters.


  • Play as four complex main characters, each with their own reasons for learning magic
  • Make friends (or enemies) with your fellow witches-in-training
  • Recruit your friends to help you battle dangerous Fae in a unique turn based battle system
  • Talk to and form pacts with enemy Fae to gain familiars
  • Take classes, learn spells, pass your exams, cultivate magical plants and brew potions
  • Solve mysteries in a multi year story arc with a high-stakes conclusion
  • Grow magical materials to brew potions and enchant items!


Stardander School For Witches has now been released on Steam Early Access. If you want to check the game out before buying it, they also have a demo available for you to try the game. They also have a free Halloween themed spin-off game, Stardander Revenant for you to play.


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