Survival RPG The Dead Await now has a Free Prologue

Written by Marcello TBL

The Dead Await Prologue

A survival RPG first named Death Drive is now called The Dead Await and has a free prologue available via Steam. The Dead Await by Indie Dev Shotx is an immersive turn-based RPG that takes players on an unforgettable journey through a zombie apocalypse. In this game, players will embark on the main quest of Angel’s awakening as they navigate a world filled with danger and intrigue.

The Dead Await RPG

Players must build a mobile base, scavenge for supplies, and explore the new world to uncover its secrets. Along the way, they will encounter other survivors in settlements and have the opportunity to help them through various side quests.

Surviving in a zombie apocalypse requires careful management of resources, so players will need to plan their trips carefully, take advantage of trading outposts to make profitable trades, and upgrade their caravan to stay ahead of the game.

One of the most exciting aspects of The Dead Await is the in-depth combat system. Every encounter is a challenge; players must find new equipment, train their skills, and acquire new combat cards to succeed. With various enemies to face, players must stay on their toes and adapt to different situations to survive.

The Dead Await Combat System

The Dead Await promises an immersive and action-packed experience, whether players are fans of zombie apocalypse games or love a good adventure. So get ready to dive into this exciting world and join Angel on her quest for awakening! Below an overview via Steam and Trailer.


The Dead Await is a deck-building open world survival RPG set in a zombie apocalypse. The world as we know it ended, torn apart by hordes of ravenous monsters. Humanity still clings on in the sea of blackened ruins, cold ashes, and man-eating creatures.

You’re the leader of a caravan of survivalists whose goal is to figure out the truth behind the zombie apocalypse and, if possible, build the foundations for a new civilization! But be careful: Zombies might want to feast on your brains, but humans may very well prove the greatest obstacles during your long drive…

  • Explore a vast world torn apart by a zombie apocalypse, from derelict cities full of loot and zombies to new settlements founded by survivors with opportunity and backstabbing abound.
  • Gather food, water, fuel, and gear to survive the drive. Manage your resources to ensure everyone gets to the destination safely.
  • Manage your team’s sanity! Manage the impact of trauma, long-term effects of injuries, and, of course, resource scarcity. Zombies might turn out to be the least of your problems…
  • Build the survivor you want using a robust attribute, skill, and perk system. Experiment with combinations and character builds, from a suave lockpicker to a mindless berserker and everything in-between.
  • Paired with the character system is sophisticated card-based combat. Build up your deck during your travels, taking a team of rag-tag survivors to veterans with incredibly rare cards at their disposal!
  • Gear matters: Give your survivors an edge with weapon and equipment mods – plus a good meal – and watch them conquer the wasteland!
  • Build your group of survivalists to work as a team in combat!
  • The caravan is at the heart of your journey to discover the truth. Upgrade it with workbenches, storage, and other features to turn it into a true mobile base.
  • Swap out vehicle components to modify the caravan’s performance. Engine, suspension, tires, all affect how you traverse the world – and your chances of surviving!
  • Craft everything you need to survive, including the classic nail-mounted baseball bat. They don’t make them like they used to, after all!
  • With what you find in the wild, cook meals to give yourself permanent bonuses or a quick fix before a fight!


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