Tactics RPG Cyber Knights: Flashpoint Has an Official Release Date

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Cyber Knights: Flashpoint

Trese Brothers, the indie studio behind the tactical RPG Cyber Knights: Flashpoint, announced the game’s official release date through Twitter. Everything is set for the 17th of October, 2023, on PC via Steam.

About the Game

Cyber Knights: Flashpoint is a squad tactics heist RPG set in a cyberpunk universe that has been a decade in the making. Players assemble a crew of hackers, mercenaries, and rebels. The choices made in building this crew are crucial, as their individual stories will intertwine with the overarching narrative.

The game offers a plethora of gameplay mechanics, including using cyberware, establishing connections with various factions, stealth, hacking, and more. All these elements come together to allow players to strategize and outwit their adversaries, shaping their future in this dystopian world.

Cyber Knights Flashpoint Pc Game

Key Features:

  • Tactical Gameplay: Engage in 3rd person turn-based squad tactics, utilizing gridless movement, cover, overwatch, and initiative manipulation.
  • Cyberpunk Stories: Interact with contacts, squad members, and world events that come together to form a narrative reminiscent of classic pen and paper cyberpunk RPGs.
  • Heist Mechanics: Choose your jobs, network for advantages, assemble the right crew, and gear up for high-stakes heists.
  • Strategic Depth: Balance relationships with factions, fixers, arms dealers, and corporate entities. Your choices in whom to work for, betray, or favor can open or close various opportunities.
  • Character Customization: Experiment with endless combinations of talents, classes, cyberware, weapons, and gear to build the ideal team.
  • Safehouse Management: Upgrade and manage your safehouse, including rooms like weapon shops, medical bays, and more.
  • Character Evolution: The missions you undertake will have lasting consequences on your crew and connections, affecting loyalty, traits, and more.

Background Story

The game is set in the year 2231, a dystopian future where environmental disasters have wreaked havoc on the planet. Artificial consciousness has been created and subsequently outlawed. Megacorporations have established colonies and research stations across the solar system.

The digital landscape has been revolutionized by quantum computing, redefining privacy and digital security. The stories in the game span personal tales, employer narratives, and city-wide events, with every choice and mission impacting character traits and narratives.

Below an overview of the game via Steam and Updated Trailer from the last Steam Next Fest.


Explore the dark future of 2231 as you run your crew of underworld mercenaries, pulling off high-stakes heists you choose from faction power players to survive. Cyber Knights wraps a world full of consequential story choices and character development around an extensive core of classic and new tactical RPG mechanics.

Missions are more than just run and gun; expansive stealth & hacking options let you choose the right time to go loud, or see if you can pull it off without them even knowing you were there. Strategic features like base building, contact management, squad customization & loyalty will help you reach the peak of your power. Cyber Knights invites you to jack in to a unique cyberpunk world and the immersive, human stories of your squad — what future can you earn for them (or for yourself)?

  • 3rd Person Turn-based Squad Tactics: The best of modern tactical RPGs—gridless movement, cover & overwatch, initiative manipulation and more. Outsmart enemy security with creative stealth & hacking or go loud with powerful weapons & abilities.
  • Unique Cyberpunk Stories: Contacts, squad members, and world events will weave together in stories reminiscent of the pen and paper cyberpunk RPGs we played for years while building the lore of this world.
  • Thrill of the Heist: Choose your jobs & work your network for advantages to pull this off. Get the crew you’ll need & gear them up. Finally, look for ways to score a little more—what’s the worst that could happen?
  • Power-Player Strategy: Balance factions, favors, reputation and more. Rivals, fixers, arms dealers and corporate big shots… who you work for, who you fail or betray, all of it can open and close opportunities for you. Watch your heat, and try to make sure more people owe you than the other way around.
  • Endless Builds: Experiment with endless combinations of talents, multi-classing, cyberware, weapons and gear to build the perfect team.
  • Safehouse Base Building: Build out your safehouse and upgrade rooms such as weapon shop, hund kennel and medical bay.
  • Evolving Characters: The jobs you take have consequences for both your crew and connections. Loyalty, traits, cybernetics and escapes—you might get offworld in the end, but will any of you be the same?

Cyber Knights strikes a unique tone with a futuristic setting that has passed through the messy near-future to arrive at dystopian 2231. Man-made environmental disasters have ravaged our biosphere. Artificial consciousness has been created, subsequently murdered, and then strictly outlawed at a global level. Megacorporate colonies and research stations dot the solar system from Venus to Jupiter. Quantum computing has radically altered the digital landscape and the very meaning of privacy and digital security.

The game’s threaded stories originate from both inside and outside your team — weaving together threads from your hired mercenaries, criminal connections and history that just won’t die. These stories operate on three interconnected and at times overlapping levels — personal stories (your team), contact stories (your employers) and event stories (city-wide).

And every choice you make and mission you run will impact your character’s permanent Traits, changing them in both subtle and big ways. Their stories and your choices combine to create a unique narrative for every game, every Knight and every team.

Trese Brothers Games makes deep, highly-replayable strategy games & RPGs. This is our ninth and highest production-value game yet.

The second game our studio created almost 10 years ago, Cyber Knights RPG, took hundreds of thousands of gamers on a gritty cyberpunk roller-coaster, trying to get rich or go down shooting. That classic Cyber Knights has always had a huge following within our community and we are excited to come back to the world and stories we started creating there so many years ago with an all new game, Cyber Knights: Flashpoint.

We’re weaving together the genre’s classic themes with the unique setting and history of Cyber Knights to create some of the most cutting, gripping and human stories we’ve ever told. Betrayal, sacrifice, trading away humanity for an advantage, living fast and dying young, revenge and testing the bonds of friendship and trust — it’s all here under the New Boston dome.


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