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Tactics RPG Stolen Realm Adds the Roguelike Mode

Written by Marcello TBL

Stolen Realm

Burst2Flame has unleashed an exhilarating new update for Stolen Realm, their groundbreaking simultaneous turn-based tactical RPG. Enjoying accolades from gaming heavyweights like Shroud and Sacriel for its versatile class customisation and clever design that sidesteps RPG bloat, Stolen Realm is now upping the ante in its Early Access stage with an all-new Roguelike Mode. Awaiting a full release on PC, Switch, and Xbox in 2023, the game promises to engage and enthrall!

Stolen Realm

The new Roguelike Mode in Stolen Realm pushes players into a quick-paced version of the game, offering an opportunity to experiment with combinations not viable in the original campaign. With each battle conquered, players level up, seizing a random skill and item from an array of choices. Foes, bosses, and events are shrouded in unpredictability, ensuring every playthrough is a unique thrill ride.

Although the specter of permadeath hovers, even a failed run contributes towards unlocking new characters and passive skills for future adventures. For those who crave an even steeper challenge, harder difficulties beckon. Will players have the mettle to survive the roguelike gauntlet and conquer the ultimate dragon?

This update doesn’t stop there! It also introduces a dynamic battle drops system, offering tantalizing power-ups like damage bonuses and cooldown reductions during combat. Additionally, a fresh public lobby system is implemented, enabling players to join others’ games on Steam without a prerequisite friendship. To top it all off, the game now boasts full controller support.

Stolen Realm

Stolen Realm brilliantly borrows the profound tactical elements of RPGs akin to Divinity: Original Sin and injects a unique twist. The innovative simultaneous turn system enables every team member, friend, or foe, to take action at once. This injects the rapid-fire excitement usually found in action RPGs while preserving the strategic depth turn-based RPG aficionados cherish.

Boasting a highly customizable class system, Stolen Realm empowers players to create traditional RPG classes or smash the mold to craft a unique champion. From designing a spell-casting assassin to a frost-conjured priest or a shadow-soaked knight, over 300 skills are at their disposal. The loot pool further offers over 700 customizable items, opening the doors to limitless play styles. Will players wield Abbadon the Soul Crusher, a legendary mace that resurrects fallen enemies as skeletal allies, or unsheath the Bloodletter, a cursed sword that bestows formidable power at the expense of the wielder’s life force?


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