Tales of Maj’Eyal: Lost Lands – What we know

Written by Miyokari

Tales of Maj eyal

Roguelike fans, especially of Tales of Maj’Eyal have something to look forward to. Back in 2019, DarkGod did announcement for the new expansion to the game. At the beginning of 2022 there were some new informations about the DLC. The initial date for the release is either 2022 or 2023, so hopefully we will get our hands on it this or next year.

Here is the original teaser that was given to us in 2019.

Further information that we know, is that the campaign will be an option like Embers of rage DLC. While the base game offers us to play on Maj’Eyal, the expansion will let us play on Tar’Eyal continent. The campaign will be concurrent story to Age of Ascension campaign. With first part of the game taking place on the new continent, while the second part plays out similar to AoA with fighting the orcs.

We know that the expansion will also add new classes and races. From the races we are aware of :

Risen (human and halfling versions), Vessel (multiple materials), Vampire, Saurpur (two versions).

Along with being able to play existing races on new continent: human, halfing, skeleton, ghoul.

We have at least screenshot for the vampire tree :

Tales of Maj'Eyal Vampire Skillset

DarkGod is also planning to add two ascension to races they are Exarch and Ancestral Host. We know at least of Exarch from the screenshot :

Tales of Maj'Eyal Exarch

And from the classes, we know that Tales of Maj’Eyal will get additions of: Graverobber, Gravelord and Dust Mage. DarkGod also mentioned that either Graverobber or Gravelord might get a rename.

With everything that DarkGod is planning to add to Tales of Maj’Eyal, I am sure that people will appreciate the work. It will surely add many more hours and playthroughs to the game and the labour of love he is providing is great. Along with all of these, DarkGod did mention that there might be another class rework before expansion, where some hope for Alchemist to be redone. On that though, don’t get your hopes up as plans might always change and the expansion might take the priority.


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