Visual Novel & JRPGs Blend In Symbol of Sacrifice – Overview

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Symbol of Sacrifice JRPG

I introduced the game in the last weekly recap, and now it’s a good time to give you an overview of Symbol of Sacrifice, an upcoming Visual Novel JRPG developed and published by Umbrella Labs set on the magical planet Sonir.

Symbol of Sacrifice JRPG

The game follows three siblings with unique talents on a quest against a cosmic threat, offering a narrative-driven experience with choices that affect the storyline. The game features hand-drawn sprites, skill-based combat, and high-quality voice acting. A demo including the prologue and first two chapters will be soon available (May 2024), providing a glimpse into the game’s rich, choice-driven narrative.

The PC release date of Symbol of Sacrifice has yet to be announced, but in the meantime, below is the announcement trailer, overview via Steam Page, and some screens.


Explore the enchanting realm of Sonir, a planet steeped in elemental magic and ancient mysteries, as you follow a humble farming family of three young siblings – Azil, Itori, and Lillia. The sprawling mountains, deep green valleys, and blue rivers of their native country, Akirath, provide a backdrop to their dreams of a life beyond the fields.

In a world where magic is both common and coveted, each sibling possesses unique talents. Lillia, with her exceptional magical prowess, Itori, a genius in skill, and Azil, a jack of all trades, embark on a quest to confront the cosmic force looming on the horizon. As they face this mysterious threat, their individual abilities become essential in the struggle to push it back and protect their world.


Hand-drawn Sprites
Beautiful, hand-drawn sprites help bring to life a tale of epic proportion.

A Pivotal Decision
A devastating event, shrouded in mystery, will force you to make a heart-wrenching decision that will alter the course of the entire narrative. Symbol of Sacrifice is essentially three stories in one!

Your Choices Matter
The fate of Akirath rests in your hands, as you navigate a world where choices echo across the tapestry of existence. Each decision influences the ending you will experience.

Skill-based Combat
Demonstrate your tactical prowess. Each battle is a puzzle, many of which have multiple solutions. There are no stats or levels. Just pure skill.

Gold Standard Voice Acting
Experience industry-leading, professional performances that bring each character to life.


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