Tenderfoot Tactics: Now Available Nintendo Switch and Xbox

Written by Marcello TBL

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In a significant expansion of its availability, Tenderfoot Tactics, the innovative open-world Goblin RPG by Ice Water Games, has officially made its debut on console platforms. This launch brings the game to a wider audience, now accessible on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Priced at 14.99 USD, this release marks a notable milestone for both the developers and fans of tactical RPGs.

Tenderfoot Tactics

Embark on a Unique Tactical Journey

Tenderfoot Tactics offers a fresh take on the tactical RPG genre, drawing inspiration from classic titles while introducing a novel, deterministic combat system. This system eschews traditional mechanics like random miss chances and damage ranges, opting instead for predictable and strategic gameplay. Players can manipulate the elements to gain the upper hand in battles, transforming the terrain to their advantage. However, such power comes with its consequences, reminding adventurers of nature’s complexity and unpredictability.

A Rich, Open World Awaits

The game sets players loose in a beautifully rendered archipelago, encouraging exploration by land, sea, and air. The environment is filled with ancient ruins, mysterious artifacts, and potential allies. The narrative centers around a group of goblins who, armed with magic from the archipelago’s spirits, seek to uncover the truth behind the devastating Fog that threatens their world.

Tenderfoot Tactics Combat system

Console-Specific Features

On the Xbox platform, Tenderfoot Tactics supports Play Anywhere and Smart Delivery, ensuring a seamless experience across devices. The game boasts impressive performance metrics, with resolutions and frame rates optimized for each console variant, ensuring smooth and visually stunning gameplay. Meanwhile, the Nintendo Switch version offers the versatility of both docked and handheld play, with touch controls enhancing the handheld gaming experience.


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