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The Iron Oath – Release Date Announcement & Expeditions Update

Written by Marcello TBL

The Iron Oath

The Tactical Turn-Based Mercenary Sim, The Iron Oath, developed by Curious Panda and Published by Humble Games is set to leave its Early Access phase and will officially release on November 2nd, 2023. The developers are eager for both returning and new players to experience the updates and additions made over the past year and a half.

While the 1.0 release marks the end of the main campaign, the journey in the world of Caelum is far from over, with more stories to unfold. Additionally, the Expeditions Update has been launched, introducing Named Gear obtainable from bosses, new quests, overworld encounters, and company moments.

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Below the new trailer and overview about the game from its store page.


Command, endure, and prosper in The Iron Oath, a turn-based tactical RPG where the fate of your mercenary company rests on your decisions. As the leader of a band of soldiers-for-hire in the harsh realm of Caelum, you’ll need to hire and customize recruits, manage your operations wisely, and embark on perilous missions in order to survive, thrive, and build your company’s renown.

Over the course of an overarching tale that spans years of Caelum’s history, the world evolves dynamically—as cities fall, allegiances change…and perilous, profitable new opportunities arise. What fortunes await your company?

  • High-stakes tactical combatProper planning and execution is vital to your success. Deadly foes, traps, and destructible objects mean one misstep could be your party’s undoing.
  • A gritty saga for the agesEmbark on a campaign across Caelum and experience a bloodstained fantasy tale that spans decades. Grow the renown of your company, uncover the realm’s secrets, and shape the fates of factions through strife and conflict.
  • An ever-evolving overworldCaelum is a sprawling, always changing realm. Cities fall and rise again as the Noble Houses vie for power, leading to new opportunities and unexpected perils.
  • Control your company’s destinyManage your guild’s roster, finances, and political relationships. Earn wealth and renown by completing contracts for Caelum’s vying factions, and invest in upgrading your organization.
  • Forge your teamAn iron chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Assemble a well-rounded crew of warriors, rogues, and spellcasters. Build up their power, customize and complement their abilities, and become a force to be reckoned with.
  • Lead wisely, die foolishlyYou’ll face difficult decisions, and the path you follow won’t always be popular. Your choices bear consequences that will alter the fates of your mercs, your company, and all of Caelum.


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