The Sacred and The Profane is the New Old World DLC Releasing Next Week

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Old World The Sacred and the Profane

The 4x Strategy game Old Word, led by Soren Johnson (Civ IV & Offworld Trading Company), is ready to receive a new DLC called The Sacred and The Profane. It will enhance the 4X game’s religious themes and mechanics, further challenging players as they guide their kingdom through the twists and turns of ancient times.

Publisher Hooded Horse announced that The Sacred and The Profane is due out next week, January 16, 2023 on Steam and GOG and EPIC. Below overview, key features and trailer of the new DLC.

Old World – The Sacred and The Profane adds a touch of religious fervor to your play with a wealth of new content that explores how religion impacted the fortunes of ancient empires. Experience over 350 new events, recruit new historical characters, and deal with the demands of the clergy as you try and appease the various faiths that exist within your empire. Be warned, if a religion disapproves of your rule, it can lead to dissent, riots, or worse.

Old World – The Sacred and The Profane includes:

  • 350+ new events – from small rituals and everyday belief, to the power struggles of state religions and the emergence of world religions, you’ll need to keep your wits about you to navigate the complex world of ancient worship.
  • Religious clergy – these new characters can join your court, and come with their own missions and projects. Their benefits depend on how well their religion likes you. Existing characters can be inducted into the clergy through a mission by the state religion’s leader.
  • Over 10 new character traits – some new core traits, as well as event-related additions, and traits unique to Clergy characters.
  • Six new historical characters:
    • Mani, the founder on Manichaeism
    • Paul, fiery Christian convert and early Bishop
    • Josephus, Jewish rebel, general and scholar
    • Ostanes, one of the rumored great magic users
    • Sappho, Greek poetess
    • Hypatia, Alexandrian scientist and philosopher
  • Religious dissent mechanics – Negative religious opinion can lead to dissent in cities with the religion, which will have consequences and won’t be easy to remove.
  • Over 10 new ‘cult’ city projects – There are new cult improvements, added by events, as well as improvements for existing Shrines. Each has a powerful, unique, effect.

This DLC pack features a lot of ‘what ifs’, reflecting a time where many religions were young and the empires of known world were forced to reckon with competing faiths old and new.


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