The Third Chapter in Survival RPG Dead Age Series Announced

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Dead Age Survivors

Dead Age: Survivors was wholly flown under my radar. It’s the third installment in the Dead Age series, developed by the Silent Dreams indie team. While this latest chapter includes survival mechanics, as in the previous titles, it was initially intended to feature real-time gameplay. However, the developers recently announced that they had changed course and will implement turn-based mechanics in this new title.

Dead Age Survivors

Dead Age: Survivors is an indie survival RPG that immerses players in a dramatic story filled with dangerous quests and turn-based combat. As the leader, players must establish camps and conquer or defend survivor territories to protect themselves against up to 7 greedy factions. They must manage their resources, including food, water, stress, and morale, and loot various locations to find equipment and materials to build bases and craft gear.

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Players can even pursue romantic relationships with their companions. The RPG story involves decision-making and focuses on the companions and how the players’ actions impact their camp. The fast-paced and strategic battle system ensures exciting action, and players can train survivors as workers or soldiers with different abilities and specializations. Below is an overview via Steam.


In the Indie Survival RPG Dead Age: Survivors, you will experience a dramatic story filled with dangerous quests and turn-based combat. As the leader, you will set up several camps, and conquer or defend survivor territories in order to protect yourself against up to 7 greedy factions. If you manage to keep your companions alive, you can even pursue a romantic relationship. But at night, the undead will come to feast…


Loot various locations to find equipment and resources. You’ll need these resources to build bases and craft equipment. Pay close attention to levels of food, water, stress, and morale. You can do this by building a water treatment center, a canteen, a bar, or a relaxation center. You can also keep livestock and care for them on a farm in order to get eggs or milk, and slaughtering the animals provides additional food and leather which you’ll need to craft gear. Iron from mines will allow you to make even better equipment.
Sometimes survivors will want to experience a little luxury in the form of fresh meals that you can prepare using various ingredients, but none of this will be of any use if you are not carefully monitoring the amount of fuel needed to power your essential generator.


Dead Age: Survivors is not just about setting up camps, stories and quests play an important role. The story takes you deep into the abyss of a human civilization left behind after the apocalypse, into a world of seedy human trafficking, extortion, and murder. The story focuses on your companions; your actions support them, and the decisions that you make may impact your camp. Will survivors die? Or can you save them? You can even become romantically involved with story survivors as time goes on.


The turn-based party battle system ensures nail-biting action while allowing for strategic attacks. You’ll need a small group of daring adventurers while scouring the world for resources and equipment. You can now fight with up to 14 survivors into a short battle of conquest.


You can find new survivors through radio transmissions, poach them from the factions, or they will join you as a reward for completing quests. You first need to build a training center to train your survivors as workers or soldiers. You can give workers different abilities so that they can work as miners or equipment suppliers. There are different classes of soldier that survivors can specialize in. These range from martial artists to guardians with an axe and shield, and death commandos armed to the teeth.


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