The White Raven on Kickstarter

Written by Marcello TBL

The White Raven

GatherRound Studios is proud to announce the launch of the Kickstarter campaign for their otherworldly open-world and RPG masterpiece, The White Raven. Set against the backdrop of dark and spiritual hellscapes, The White Raven is teeming with intrigue, conspiracy, and mystery. Become Jin, a young spirit whisperer destined to uncover the harrowing truth of the Aurorean Steppes and claim his rightful place as The White Raven. Step into a mystical place where you will spark beautiful love or ignite bitter rivalries. 

Check out the Kickstarter campaign here.

Tactical Warfare

Wage tactical warfare by outsmarting your enemies, be it setting terrain ablaze, alerting your allies to engage in follow-up attacks, or monopolizing the high ground. The world of Greater Balhaea is a dangerous one, but it is yours to explore.

Your Story

Weave your own tale as your story unfolds. Fancy being a smooth talking charlatan that exploits others’ weaknesses? How about an unflinching truth seeker that protects the weak? Choose your own backstory, but know that the future is yet unwritten.

Build Relationships

Despite all of the adventuring, take time to tend to your tribe and build relationships. Explore the complexities and struggles within character-specific missions and determine their outcome. Will you lead others down a path of destruction? Or will you help them to overcome their fears and weaknesses – and perhaps kindle some romance on the side?

Key features:

  • Explore an open world full of mystery and secrecy
  • Use tactical warfare and skill combos between characters in order to defeat enemies
  • Loot and find a variety of unique gear by defeating bosses
  • Learn the story of 4 unique tribes
  • Create your very own origin story and define the future of your character
  • Build and grow your tribe
  • Customize your warriors and their loadout with 30+ skills and 50 weapons (with effects)
  • Solve puzzles left behind by lost civilizations
  • Forge relationships with your companions that will influence their future
  • Dive deep into a world rich in lore


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