Break the Loop: Upcoming Turn-based Roguelite Is On Kickstarter

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Break the Loop Key Art

Developed by Mastodonte, Break the Loop is an upcoming turn-based roguelite RPG that will be released on PC. It features a unique take on the roguelite genre by allowing the player to create his own timeline of how events will play out. Strategically use this to your advantage to defeat the various otherworldly horrors in the game. Mastodonte are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the game’s development and add more features and replayability.

Break the Loop has a demo version available on Steam. You can support Break the Loop‘s development on Kickstarter.

about break the loop

Break the Loop is a turn-based Rogue-like RPG. Compose your team and create a timeline by selecting the events you’ll go through. Each decision will bring the player one step closer to the ultimate threat, but will they be able to stop the apocalypse?


Form a group of heroes

For each new game, build your team of 4 legendary heroes from the 20 available. Tank, Brawler, Support or Specialist, each hero has a set of 6 skills and 5 passives to unlock.

Create your Timeline

To maximize your chances of defeating the threat, create a Timeline of events. The resources you’ve gathered in your previous attempts will help you optimize your Timeline: treasures, merchants, multiple-choice dialogues… all the events you come across should help you become stronger!

Original turn-based combat

An initiative order dictates each character’s actions. After an action, the hero gives up his place to the next one, resulting in a rotation of the team. This applies to monsters too, allowing you to setup a strategy in anticipation.



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