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A Tactical RPG that explores the horrors that lurk in the mind, Wantless Solace at World’s End is now available on PC via Early Access. Developed by Drop Rate Studio and published by Twin Sails Interactive, Wantless has you play as Eiris, A doctor who can enter their patient’s minds to alleviate their suffering by battling their terrors made manifest in dynamic turn-based combat. Make use of keen tactics and take advantage of your environment to ensure your patients don’t fall to insanity.

Wantless: Solace at World’s End is available now via Early Access on Steam.

About Wantless: Solace at world’s end

Wantless is a fast-paced Tactical RPG set in a dystopian future. Fight off torments inside your patients’ minds using a deep skill-crafting system and innovative combat mechanics. Utilize your environment, confront horrors made manifest and walk the fine line of morality in a dying world.

Play as Eiris, one of the last remaining Transposers – doctors who can delve into their patients’ tortured minds to alleviate their torments, erase memories, or even more…


Dynamic combat system

You start your turn with 8 Action points but spending one grants it to each enemy. The more you act, the more your opponents will react! Thankfully, eliminating your foes also grants you action points, allowing for potentially devastating turns for you…or against you.

You will learn to fear what lurks inside the mind. These vicious manifestations pack an impressive array of ways to kill you. To even the odds you will have to thoughtfully use your environment. From carefully placed explosives to pools of toxic poison, the terrain plays a crucial role in this unforgiving tactical combat.

on the brink of insanity

In Wantless, the fight does not take place on a battlefield, but within the subconscious of your patients. Proceed with caution, safeguard key memories and avoid instability at all costs. The more disruption you cause, the weirder things will get. Remember, the mind is a delicate thing.

endless skill crafting possibilities

Use the synapses you’ve collected during your runs to craft your skills, experimenting with effects, shapes, costs and cooldowns! Combine damage, ailments, buffs, environmental effects, utility and more to create impressive combos. With 80 synapses currently available and more to come during Early Access, create a truly personalized build.

Shape Eiris further by navigating the intricate Mind Tree, with more than 170 perks to choose from. However, be mindful of your choices, as the more powerful the nodes, the greater the drawbacks.

a suffering world

In a desolate and bleak world where many people lie in a comatose state, willingly relinquishing consciousness, the remaining survivors barely scrap by. They turn to you, seeking relief from their torments, or a more permanent solution, a wantless state.

Most patients and their traits are randomly generated, leading to endless possibilities. As you progress you may encounter special unique patients, with their distinct story, twists and enemies, pushing your builds to the limit.



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