Siege of Dungeon: Team-based Roguelite Out Now

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Siege of Dungeon Key Art

Developed by Binary Tree Studio and published by IndieArk, Siege of Dungeon has finally left Early Access on November 11th, 2023 and the v1.0 release is now available on PC. Combining rogue-lite dungeon crawler gameplay with traditional turn-based RPGs, uncover the secrets of each randomly generated dungeon using 4 unique characters, strengthen them with hundreds of relics, and face the horrors that lurk deep within.

Siege of Dungeon is available now on Steam.

About Siege of dungeon

Siege of Dungeon combines various rogue-lite elements with traditional turn-based RPG’s, creating a challenging and rewarding experience. In each one-of-a-kind randomly generated dungeon, countless rewards, events, enemies, and traps await. After each victory, your combination of character skills and relics will slowly shape your unique combat style. After successive heated battles, you will reach the deepest part of the dungeon and face the horrors that await.


Charge into the cryptic Dungeon

In this ever-changing, randomly generated Underworld, you will have to make decisions depending on the various locations of monsters and events, which will lead your team to crisis or victory!

Explore Individually or as a team

In the vast interconnected dungeon, only adjacent characters can fight as a party. Under the circumstance of being surrounded by monster swarms, should you stick together or sneak in separately? Do you split up to explore more ground or play it safe by sticking together?

deathmatches that come from sacrifices

In this underworld dungeon, you will discover relics and skills from adventurers’ past. Their unfulfilled ambitions will allow you to combine ever-changing battle strategies. When combining these two factors, use spectacular “burst” attacks to annihilate all enemies that stand in your way!



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